Chia Seed Porridge Recipe

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Top of the Morning! Yes…that is just how I feel when thinking about having Chia Seed Porridge for breakfast. Chia seeds are considered to be magical for their ability to increase stamina and energy. Chia seeds were apart of the Ancient Aztec civilization and were highly revered amongst them as a medicine for keeping the body healthy and vital.

Chia actually means, Strength in the Mayan language and this makes sense as they have more protein than any other seed.  Chia seeds are a super food as the Omega 3 fats are rich and thriving through out. Eating these power packed seeds in the morning for energy and stamina is a great idea along with the added benefit of being a colon cleanser. The fiber content is outstanding and I can really feel the difference as the colon gets a good “sweeping” each day.

Another wonderful benefit is the fact that the seeds contain boron which is a trace mineral and valuable in calcium absorption. Boron and proper calcium absorption allow for the bones to be strong and healthy. Vitamin D3 is crucial for the uptake of Calcium for with out it Calcium goes into the soft tissue and does not get utilized properly in the bones.  A great source of Vitamin D3 is the sun.

So this morning as I enjoyed a walk on this beautiful May morning in Southern California I was inspired to make Chia Porridge for breakfast.  It is simple and below I have provided the recipe. I choose to make my own fresh almond mylk or hemp seed mylk. Then I slightly warm it either by blending for a while or warming on the stove ever so slightly. I cover the chia seeds with the mylk and allow them to expand. Then I top with Cacao Nibs (another mineral dense super food), Cinnamon and Fresh Ground Vanilla Bean.

1/4 cup of Chia Seeds

1 cup of freshly made nut or seed mylk

1 tsp. Fresh grounded vanilla bean powder

Soak Raw Organic Almonds over night or Hemp Seeds. Then rinse in the morning and add to blender. Now add 3 cups spring water and blend on high. I add a little vanilla stevia for a non glycemic sweetener that virtually anyone could enjoy b/c it has no effect on the blood sugar.  If you like you could add some  tocotreniols or medi-aminos rice from PR labs for extra nutrition and flavor. Then blend well and sift thru a nut mylk bag.  Your mylk is ready if it is warm. If not heat in a glass pot slightly.

Add to chia seeds, cacao nibs and sprinkle with cinnamon & fresh vanilla bean powder.  Oh My Goodness what a blessing this treat is. Enjoy!

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