Is It Possible to Become Stronger As You Age?

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How would it be possible for one to become stronger as they age?

Have you ever gave much thought to this concept?

If our habits dictate our future then it is through these habits where it all begins.

As you look around at the many people that have come before you, do you see a sense of vitality still circulating through them?

If not why don’t you think so? If so why do you believe they are becoming stronger as they age?

It has been said to follow those that have what you want.

Creating new habits is not always easy but if we list the things that make us grow weak and then list  the things that make us grow stronger our mind can mentally note that and find ways to change.

Here are some practices that I have found can assist us to become stronger as we age.

Clearing  our conscious and living from the heart is where strength begins.

If you are on a life path of freedom and fulfillment the foundation is a strong mind and a steady heart.

This comes from clearing the hearts wounds and triggers that come up on a daily basis.

You have to have tools to do this so that your mind does not end up weak and then your life becomes a product of all the thoughts coming in from the outside. You begin to blow like a tumbleweed instead of standing firm like the grand and humble redwood tree.

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The Consciousness of the Redwood Tree

Learn to sit in meditation, invest time in nature, practice forgiveness, practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or incorporate other healing tools that work for you.

But Soul Power is the foundation to regaining strength, this power inside is what sets the stage for strength to flourish. We need to breathe in the power from our Spiritual Parent consistently to awaken from our slumber.

Next, we have to think about the human body as a vessel for the spirit. It has to be disciplined or all the gluttony of the world can easily take it over.

There needs to be some kind of consistent routine that respects the body and knows it needs to be nourished and guided.

Without that level of awareness and discipline the body will weaken and deteriorate because it will be dictated by addictions, people, places, advertisements and our past.

It is like an old car, some old cars keep up and live on because the owner takes care of the details of the car like the inner workings of it.  And because of that respect the vehicle is still thriving 20 years later even if it has mileage.

Some tips to keep the vessel of your soul, your body on track would be to properly food combine, to consume more vegetables, to eat wild foods, to intake medicinal herbs, to incorporate cultured foods.

Cultured foods are teaming with probiotics and enzymes and are life giving.  They help to digest other food and reduce toxic waste.

To give your body a break from time to time of solid foods can be healing for the digestive tract.

Maybe it is time to reset the body with a cleanse if you are not liking your current habits. These kind of things reset your chemistry and put you on a new and healthy trajectory.

How about exercise?

Building the bodies internal strength through exercise is extremely important. If we are going to go through life steady as the redwood we need to build up our core.

The bodies cardiovascular system needs to stay strong and healthy. We can do this through deep breathing exercises and getting that lymphatic system pumping.

If we have a lot of accumulated waste inside we need to take action steps to properly eliminate that.

It could be through an enzyme therapy or wild herbs or probiotic therapy coupled with a wholesome diet.

The body can become stronger when we care for its digestive system and heal our guts.

It becomes weak when we lose site of this and allow our taste buds to just dictate our habits.

Think of the value and the benefits you get from living a healthy and strong lifestyle as opposed to what your future is if you don’t.

This is a healthy way to instill fear if you don’t make changes before it is too late.

If you are thinking what you will miss out on that will only make you want to revert to old ways. Make it a joy and be creative about this.

Meditate on the ancient Red Wood trees.

They stand grounded through all seasons, they continue to become stronger as time passes rooting deep into the earth.

They humbly gain more power as time continues on.

The trees use the root system to uptake nutrients and all they need is provided for by the Universe.

Lovingly care for your body. Strengthen it and give it the tools it requires to digest bitter thoughts, give it the right foods to allow it ease of nourishing you and give it the exercise it requires to keep on becoming stronger!

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