The Benefits of a Liver Flush

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A liver flush is one of the greatest things you can do to create deep health in the body. 

Over 30 million Americans have some sort of liver related disease. 

The liver is a key player when it comes to detoxification. 

This is why you should aim to support and cleanse it if you are wanting a healthy body and mind.

The benefits that come from a detox and liver cleanse are multi-fold.

A liver flush is one of the most incredible ways to feel alive, mentally strong, renewed and refreshed.


Cleansing the liver is a powerful way to:

  • Clear stagnant energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Clear mold/fungus/viruses
  • Rejuvenate your immune system
  • Clear the skin from acne/moles/wrinkles
  • Clear allergies
  • Improve vision
  • Feel more connected to your body –  in turn naturally creating healthier choices
  • Healthy balanced weight

and this is a just a few things a liver flush can do for you.

A liver flush is not a cure all but it certainly can help improve many aspects of your life.

Emotional Cleanse with a Liver Flush

We store a lot in the liver like strong emotions and the liver has to filter all the toxins coming in.  

When we clear the liver we also with the right mindset can clear stuck emotional patterns that may not be serving us.

When we help it along by giving it herbs to strengthen and purify it, it rewards us with clearer thinking and clearer connection with our source.

The liver flush program is foundational to clearing old beliefs, stagnant waste and opening you up to newness in both the body and mind.

The liver flush protocol is a more sophisticated liver program than the typical liver flush you see on the internet.

There are certain upgrades like diet and lifestyle prior to a flush that are paramount to a safe, effective cleanse.

I have learned through my own trial and error so you don’t have to go through that.  

Things like what foods you use to prep before the liver flush, what you use to soften the stones with and tools to help you cleanse effectively.

On a physical level you can expect many great benefits but from a non-physical standpoint you can also create a powerful clearing.

We can unlock powerful gene expressions by clearing out the stagnant beliefs, toxins and junk patterns in our cells. 

The liver flush does assist us in doing so. 

It is a multi-dimensional healing – I can assure you, the benefits of this upgraded liver flush will be something transformational for your highest good!

liv flush
What is the Best Drink to Flush Your Liver?

The best drink is one utilizing organic extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil has been known to:

  • Protect us from heart disease
  • Combat ulcers
  • Lower incidence of Gall Stone formation
  • Provide your body with quality fats 
  • Olive oil has vitamin E and Anti-oxidants

Get a high quality organic olive oil preferably in dark glass. You want non oxidized oil so that it is not rancid.

This is so important so that you do not have a bad reaction to the liver flush.

Choose limes over oranges or grapefruits to lessen the glycemic load if you are wanting to keep your body stable during the flush without sugar spikes.

Mix the below ingredients or some prefer to sip the oil and sip the citrus juice back and forth.

Liver Flush Recipe

Start prepping for a liver flush a week or two prior.

This means if you eat processed foods, junk foods, fried foods or sodas this is a good time to stop.

This will  make your liver flush go more smoothly.

Eat whole organic foods and eat a quarter of your normal meals if you tend to overeat.

Utilize Castor Oil Packs 3 days out of the week prior to the fast.

Focus on your colon first.

Then move to the kidneys.

Then do several days over the liver.

Go for 1 hour each session with a heating pad over the castor oil compress. 

This helps clear the organs and prepare for a liver flush.

I highly suggest a colon cleanser like Oxy Powder the days leading up to and the day after the flush so that you can easily move the stones out.

It can also help soften and dissolve the stones if you have a non alcoholic and powerful tincture to start breaking up those stones. 

I use this liver flush stone breaker.

For the full protocol for the liver flush you can download the PDF here.

Liver Flush Recipe Protocol

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