Beginning of the Liquid Fast

Day 1-3:  I would say these are the most challenging days as the body adjusts to the fast. You may experience cleansing reactions, skin eruptions, cravings etc. For me it required having will and power to push thru these days. B/c after this day the hunger for food mostly subsides.

Day4-6: Feeling great. Lots of energy in the morning/afternoon. Day 6 went for a run and felt great. Dr. Schulze products are so awesome. I feel that blockages have been released. Feeling mental clarity and more productive. Emotions feel balanced. Sometimes in and around 3pm I get urges for food or my will goes down and that is when I either rest my body in the sun or in bed. I also just keep centered and look at what taste could be satisfied or what emotional block is coming up. One HUGE part of the fast has been incorporating Radical Forgiveness techniques into the protocol and program. If there is one thing that is given me freedom and the ability to do this fast it is Radical Forgiveness for the past. I can more fully be in the present moment to experience the fast with Gratitude for what is happening. I send healing energy to the juices, the superfoods, the broths and any wild plants that I pick I thank them. It is with gratitude and intention of surrendering to our Higher Will that lets us get out of the way and become a channel for Creation.

Note: I feel that incorporating Green Young Coconut Water Kefir is essential as well as that Vitamineral Green. My body just loves it. Humbly giving thanks.

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