Awesome Sauce Recipe

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Okay so maybe its more like a thick dip, but hey you gotta love the title, Awesome Sauce! The other night I was making some fresh cut sweet potato fries and I was looking at what was on hand and how I could make the best dip/sauce ever for the fries.

So for those who enjoy a higher fat diet than this is sure to wow you. And for those that don’t  know much about it, you might get inspired to give it a try. It really neutralizes inflammation in the body and can restore the endocrine system. This is a huge paradigm shift in eating, because most people’s diets are inflammatory, causing rapid aging, lacking nutrients and surely not cultivating an evolved species of bacteria in the gut.

Grass Fed Butter
Grass Fed Butter

So with that said this recipe not only incorporates grass fed butter so that we have vitamin k2 in abundance to reverse calcification of our tissues and provide the glands with healthy fat, we also mix in Kim chi to give it a kick and allow the beneficial microbes to proliferate (see kimchi brand that i love below). To learn more about cultured foods and their importance to our health, go here: Body Ecology

As you can see grass fed or pasture raised butter is more rich in mineral content, just look at the color. It also has anti-microbial properties and butyric acid to heal and seal the gut (say goodbye to leaky gut). When butter is grass fed its a super food, when its grain and gmo fed, its other than a medicine for our bodies, rather it will add inflammation to our tissues.



Awesome Sauce


Grass Fed Butter



Flat Leaf Parsley

Set out butter to room temp butter and opena a  jar of Rejuvenative foods spicy Kimchi. 4267160512_da9403162f_bThis type of Kimchi does not have white sugar in it, often you will see cheap versions that are using sugar as the microbe feeder, but I choose brands like Rejuvenative Foods b/c they have more integrity in the way they make their kimchi to assist in the healing and restoring of our bodies.

Then get some fresh garlic (black garlic is best for longevity but just og garlic will do). Mince up some fresh garlic.

Next mince up some Parsley. Depending on how many are eating you can decide what ratios to consider.  If  it’s just me, a small ramekin will do.  Add all your ingredients so that its incorporated well.

For sweet potato fries, clean the outside of the sweet potato well then cut in french fry strips and place on a baking sheet.  Top with coconut oil and, sea salt/spices you desire.

Bake at 325-350 til desired texture is achieved. Serve with Awesome Sauce!!!!!!  I will get a pic of the final product next time I make it and add it here. Let me know how you loved this recipe and what sauce or dip you love to make for homemade sweet potato fries.

Note: Remember to eat carbohydrates after 3pm or 4pm as this is the time we are most insulin resistant and the carbohydrate can turn into fuel instead of fat on our bodies. Good fats like this butter actually helps us lose weight, not gain when applied to a healthy whole food diet.

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