Ancestors & Archetypes – The Keys to Health & Well Being?

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Ever wonder if your Ancestors or the Archetypes we play out have any impact on your health and well being?

Although I believe health and well being is a holistic experience the roots of our inherited DNA and patterns are with us long before we even realize.

When one is unsettled inside themselves this can stem from uncleared wounds or traumas from the past. I

t might be because the ancestors you come from are not at peace.

This then is transferred into your own life, for you are the one holding these patterns and it is up to you to be a hero of your own life and do something to appease this situation.

But how so? Our ancestors are souls now living in the cosmos like stars in the sky and we have the ability to communicate with them through prayer and meditation.

The archetypal patterns we all play out can be categorized into 4 main types:

The Wounded Child

The Victim

The Prostitute

The Saboteur

These patterns play out in many unconsciously and this is what creates a lot of discord in the psyche.

With traumas and wounds and ancestral discord all of this can create a life of ill health and dis ease mentally.

But what if we wake up and realize the patterns we are living out or that communicating and praying too and for our ancestors could help us today?

To learn more about each archetype you might look up the work of Carolin Myss.

When these archetypes are brought to conscious light within someone then the inner work begins.

Being deeply and completely loving and accepting of yourself just the way you are no matter what is the beginning of resolve.

Whatever pattern you play out in your current life that you may not feel amazing about has to be acknowledged and then accepted for what it is.

Then you can open up to who you want to be and can project that feeling state into the world.

The thing is beyond the story you play out in this realm there is a far greater part of you shining so brightly that can come in and clear out all the wounds and traumas.

Letting it in and being sensitive enough to acknowledge it takes great focus and faith.

The Great Spirit does not judge us so we need to learn to not judge ourselves but instead have great compassion for ourselves and others.

It is in this deep loving feeling that we go beyond the mind and move into the world of spirit where we can truly connect with the Great Cosmic Soul as well as the souls of our ancestors.

Without deep love and acceptance it is likely impossible to completely shift the projections we play out.

The ultimate tool to health and well being is an attitude of compassion.

To get into that feeling state it takes stillness, surrender and depth, the depth of your own True Spirit can then come through and change circumstances in your life.

The world projects the wounds or the healed self like a mirror.

So to access the ancestor realm we need to go deep and honor where we came from.

The door way to this realm is opened once we forgive our parents for anything that we might hold them responsible for.

Once this door way is open the ancestor realm is open for us to connect with and reconcile relations.

So what do you think?

Could our Ancestors and Archetypal patterns be contributing to our health challenges?

Life is a much deeper experience than most are lead to believe.

The attachment to the ego construct and the body helps to keep people locked in the matrix of illusion.

We need to practice remembering our true nature so we can have wholeness in this realm.

The image for this post as well as the home page image currently up on my site is a great visual to understand this article.

The woman is seeing her archetypal patterns healed, whole and enjoying life in a mystical, nature setting.

She is then praying with reverence to the sea of ancestral stars shining brightly above her as they have made peace and reconciled. This gives one great power in this life and allows the glow coat to illuminate around one.

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