You are Ageless, Undying and Unborn.


What can you do to really remain ageless?

Today we are often shown a false sense of agelessness ~ day in and day out through social media, advertising campaigns and an endless slew of products promising to give us eternal youth  – we are misinformed.

The truth of becoming truly ageless is through the union with our true self, a relationship with the infinite.

This remembering brings back waves of consciousness and an unraveling of the false sense of self.

Agelessness is something that is experienced on a soul level, brought about through a commitment of union.  We were meant to commit as humans.

Eternal Youth or Agelessness means you know who you really are.

It has everything to do with remembering this timeless relationship and strengthening it with a lifestyle approach. It has everything to do with doing the inner work of rejuvenation with deep surrender to grace.

It has absolutely nothing to do with societies pressure of an artificial look of youth through surgeries, peels and toxic makeup.

It has nothing to do with the latest whiz-bang gadget or the latest chemical peel or gadget on the market claiming to change your looks.

Although some of these things may have some benefits and can be a lot of fun to experience it surely is not the way to an ageless, undying, infinite, radiant glow.

We are all working through these illusions, but the way to empower yourself is to do the yoga – the mantras, the meditation and the sets (kriyas/asanas).

If you want an ageless body, you have to commit to it through the practice and lifestyle choices that make it so.

This does not mean you can just sit and meditate your way to grace.

Indeed meditation is a part of the program but you have to put some “blood, sweat and tears” into your practice. Knowing who you are through meditation and awareness is key but you also have a body and that body can also stay healthy and youthful through a lifestyle practice.

The yoga I practice is called Kundalini yoga, Raj Yog.

Some people have a stigma about this type of yoga but really likely have no clue what its really about. Some have never even heard of it.

I stumbled across Kundalini Yoga, like I had opened a secret door into a place unknown to most.

I found myself at the House of Guru Ram Dass one winter day some 9 years ago chanting Om Namo Guru Dev Namo, making the link to my Golden Chain of Teachers.

It is the umbrella which all other yogas fall under ~ Kundalini Yoga.

This type of yoga has everything to do with knowing the true self through a powerful practice of commitment, connection, and surrender.  Most likely those that put it down have not given it a real go.

The physical aspect of it is quite challenging.

Kundalini yoga works on every aspect of your being.

It focuses on the healing of the nervous system, glandular health and the frontal lobe of the brain (your ability to let go of fear).

It also creates a healthy and flexible spine. You really are only ever as old as your spine is. Keep it fluid and flexible through Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini yoga can be your therapist, your heart opener, your trauma healer, your physical body toner, your soul connection and way more.

It is not dangerous but it will kick your butt and your ego straight out the door.

You can’t expect to only meditate to receive timeless – agelessness in the physical form. That would be purely living in la la land.

We were each given a body for a reason.

It reflects our inner state quite well.

In kundalini yoga, we strengthen our organs, glands, soul, muscles and every fiber of our being with movements,  kriyas, and pranayama that go deep into the recesses of the cells and soul for a washing.

This is what keeps our bodies healthy and strong as well as our soul connection.

The stagnant, stuck stories have to move out which in turn moves the disease out and makes room for the expansive youthful, ageless aspect of you.

At moments the practice will make you cry.

This is that healing that takes place.

At times the arms will hurt so bad being in a seemingly easy posture for 11 minutes but the EGO is deeply eradicated during this type of sequence opening us up to let go and let God.

This ancient technology taps you into the golden chain of teachers through the ages.

It gives you the wisdom and the ability to see the unseen and know the unknown.

When I first experienced Kundalini Yoga about 9 years ago it was like a light was turned on in a very dark place.

I was very interested in the truth of my being.

And because of that, I tend to go deep.

I have always been about seeking the highest. So hence the level of depth of my life and what I see as fulfilling including my relations with myself and others.

Because of this yoga I was able to shed tears of authenticity and realize that we came here to remember our truest self and shine that in this dimension as a radiant creation of the one expressed in a physical body.

So we must not lose sight of the physical body but awaken, honor and harmonize it to be a powerful instrument of the Source.

 Inner Beauty is the true beauty of the times and it takes spiritual exercise to make it so.

My teacher Yogi Bhajan says, “You are not ugly, you are not poor, you are not an orphan or whatever you might think of yourself.

If you don’t get a hold of the negative mind though, it will take you over.  What you are, is lost in  the maya and perhaps the kharma of many lifetimes.”

Start to plug in to the truth of your being and watch as you glide through life and eradicate all that is not you.

Allow the yoga to redirect your course, your destiny. Feel the sense of well-being that takes place and heal yourself through a practice of wholeness. Then maybe then you will feel called to be a teacher of this royal science.

You must stabilize your navel center to tread the rapid waters of this earth with all of its information and new age technology.

This posture also brings youthfulness to your physical body, glands, organs and all the nerve endings. This is what stretch pose will do for you. Start to strengthen your will!

Strengthening your nervous system and glands detoxifies your organs and pineal gland of paranoia and traumas.  One of the best practices that begins the yogic lifestyle is a cold shower in the morning!

Yes that is right, you get into an ice cold shower and softly but powerfully yell out with gasps, Ang Sang Wahe Guru! God is in my every cell!

It strengthens the fibers of your skin and glands which brings agelessness, it tones your muscles, nerves and creates tensile strength in your structure.

In this life, we need to learn how to relax and get into parasympathetic mode.

This is what the practice does.

It is far from a workout of lifting weights but guess what?

It feels like you are lifting weights in some of the postures and hence it is all encompassing without the use of any equipment. (Frog pose for example).

It won’t glue your muscle and skin together like lifting does creating fascia issues down the road. In fact the oxygenated practice enriches the blood and adhesions will resolve through your commitment.

Through the grace,  you become right minded thought, word and deed and you become in sync with the heartbeat and rhythm of this life. This opens up parallel realities you never knew with your old consciousness.

Then and only then are you in a place to surrender to grace and truly receive agelessness because you have focused so much on the infinite aspect of you, it has become a physical manifestation in your body.

You glow, you grow and go through this life an ageless boundless blissful beautiful being.

May you always be blessed with the light of your soul.

Remember this Mantra: I am Bountiful, I am Blissful. I am Beautiful.

Bountiful – When you know your Soul.

Blissful  – Neither Pain or Pleasure Affects You.

Beautiful – In Adversity you Speak the Language of Prosperity.

—- Quoted From Kundalini Yoga, The Flow of Eternal Power.

For more about kundalini yoga, experience it for yourself through my teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa’s book: The 8 Human Talents. 


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