7 Most Effective Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones are in the kitchen cupboard, in the wild and likely in your neighborhood.

And the best thing is they are extremely effective.

One of my mentors Dr Cass Ingram had a book called, The Cure is in the Cupboard.

His wise words still stick with me because he is indeed correct.

What’s more is that whatever ailment you have the natural wild herb to help overcome it is likely outside your door.

You will be amazed at what you find growing right near you that will help clear up your health ailment.

However if we don’t address some of the root issues or remove the toxic foods or stress patterns these natural remedies for hot flashes may not be as effective.

So it is important to go over some foundational truths to the root causes of hot flashes so we can make some changes where needed.

The Root Cause of Hot Flashes

The two main keys we need to look at when it comes to root cause of hot flashes is modern day stress and toxins.

With heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, drug residues and different toxins overwhelming our atmosphere our livers become burdened.

This makes it hard for our bodies to assimilate the overload and when a woman’s hormonal balance gets out of whack due to this it can cause things like hot flashes.

Then we have the issue of increased bone turn over in the menopausal years.

When this happens whatever metals, particularly lead that are stored in the long bones begin to come out into the body from these areas and wreak havoc on things like our glands there by effecting our hormones.

And we need to remember that if a woman is menopausal and the ovaries stop producing hormones then our back up for producing hormones are the adrenal glands.

Adrenal Glands and Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

The adrenal glands don’t produce as many hormones as the ovaries so this is why we have to really take care of them.

Now if the adrenal glands are shot things are going to go hay wire and you are going to feel stressed out and likely have hot flashes.

So we need to support and nourish our adrenal glands and lessen stimulants, cut out sugar, stress and toxins.

We must support our adrenal glands with a good quality whole food vitamin c powder, b vitamins and good sea salts.

Nourish and support your adrenals so that you can handle stress with more ease and allow them to produce the hormones you need to keep hot flashes away.

Your adrenals are the main key to optimizing your hormone levels as you age and reduce or get rid of hot flashes naturally without hormones.

Get to bed early and lower your stress levels.

Getting to bed by 10 pm is crucial to rebuild your hormones as it is between 10pm-2am the body is rebuilding.

Do what you can to remove excess stress from your life.

So to really get the most out of natural remedies for hot flashes  we will need to be making some changes to our day to day lifestyle.

Nourish the adrenals and detox your cellular environment by getting rid of toxic detergents, soaps and shampoos.

This is the best natural remedy for hot flashes.

Remove Toxins

When we remove the toxins our body can work more efficiently.

Use non toxic soap like organic castille soap and essential oils for cleaning.

Stock your cupboard with baking soda, vinegar and natural alternatives to hygiene products.

This includes tampons, feminine pads and so forth.

All of the chemicals from these products wreak havoc on your endocrine system.

Next store your foods in something other than plastic. Try glass containers.

To support your liver and its detox pathways drink a warm lemon tea each morning or find a good liver detox herbal supplement.

If you are estrogen dominant you can look to iodine and cruciferous veggies to detoxify that excess.

It is important to slowly detoxify heavy metals from your body. 

If a woman is pregnant or is considering getting pregnant they should not do any kind of cleansing like that without talking to a Doctor first.

But a simple zeolite spray for most people will help to clean up the metals in the glands over time.

Stress in our modern world is inevitable. And while some level of stress is healthy most people that are going through a health issue may feel overwhelm or more stress. 

Stress and disease go hand and hand.

These simple but profound pieces to the natural remedies for hot flashes pie will make a huge impact in your overall well being.

Now lets get into the 7 most effective natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones.

Best natural remedy for hot flashes

1. Vitamin E | Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

One of the main effective natural remedies for hot flashes  is Vitamin E.  

When your natural ability to produce hormones in abundance decreases.

 So as the ovaries lose the ability to produce hormones and you are relying on your adrenals to do the work your vitamin e levels will likely drop. 

Vitamin E is stored in the pituitary gland which plays a role in all the sex hormones. 

As that cycle starts to slow down you lose the power of Vitamin E to enhance healthy hormones.

And because our free radicals generally increase due to modern day stressors a high integrity anti oxidant is needed to quench these.

Vitamin E is a crucial antioxidant that has a key role in hormonal functioning and studies indicate it is helpful in alleviating hot flashes.

We can see here in this study that efficacy of Vitamin E for hot flashes and menopause.

It benefits the cardiovascular system and protects your arterial walls. With healthier arteries and blood flow it can lessen the hot flash severity.

If you are looking for whole food sources of Vitamin E then sunflower seeds and wheat germ are some of the top sources.

If you supplement with Vitamin E just get a really quality source that has both the tocotrienols and tocopherols in it. 

I also like to add rice bran solubles to some of my food recipes to enhance my Vitamin E levels naturally.

This not only adds nutrition but it makes things creamy and thick. Add it into smoothies, raw soups and into baked goods to replace flours.

natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones

2. Wild Yam Cream

Wild yam cream contains a potent steroidal saponin known as diosgenin and the excellent testimonials make it one of my favorite natural remedies for hot flashes. 

From this substance the body can utilize it in its natural from to make progesterone, which in turn balances out your other hormones like DHEA, testosterone and estrogen. 

It can be used in place of things like HRT. 

Not too mention progesterone helps with building your bones which is extremely important during peri-menopause and especially menopause.

While many studies discount it as a good solution and mention that you must manipulate it synthetically to get results my experience with clients has been different.

Could it be that in those studies the women did not also implore a healthy lifestyle and clean up the environmental toxins?

There are many testimonials of women getting relief from hormonal disregulation using a quality wild yam cream.

In fact many women have noticed a difference from using a small amount of wild yam cream morning and night.

Wild Yam Cream Directions

  • You can put a small amount on the think skin areas: inner thigh,
  • Chest,
  • Stomach,
  • Inside of the Arm.

You take one week off if you are in menopause or if menstruating you would stop the taking it the week of your menstrual cycle.

This is one of my favorite natural remedies for hot flashes and just balancing the hormone system in general.

Learn how to make your own here.

Flowering Fennel at spring garden

3. Fennel | Hot Flash Natural Remedy

I love this one because it is so inexpensive and it really works. Not to mention there are research papers and randomized trials to back it up.

As I mentioned you likely have the herbal medicine that you need growing right near your home.

This is one of those amazing plants that grows wild in many areas of North America.

Due to its natural phytoestrogen compounds it helps ease the hot flash symptoms during menopause transitions.

The main phytoestrogens in fennel that bind to the estrogen sites in the body to help the imbalance are anethole and estragole

I see wild fennel along my walks daily. So you may be able to responsibly harvest some of your own.

Otherwise Traditional Medicine makes an herbal tea of fennel. It is around $5.00 on Amazon.

One of the best parts about these little tea bags besides being a  natural remedies for hot flashes tool is the inspirational message on the tea bag. 

4. Magnesium for Hot Flashes

Magnesium is always top on my lists for a wide array of health issues.

It helps to detoxify the body of heavy metals, it can soothe stressful and overworked adrenals.

It is a key player  in natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones.

One of the main hormones that begins to diminish in women as more years go by is DHEA. DHEA is a youth hormone. 

It keeps us feeling energized, young, and hormonally balanced. 

Magnesium helps to increase our DHEA levels naturally.

So topping those levels off is very important if we want to decrease hot flashes naturally.

The pilot studies show that more than half of the participants had less hot flashes when supplementing with magnesium.

This is going to also nourish your adrenal glands which is a huge factor in your hormonal health.

a cup of sea buckthorn

5. Whole Food Vitamin C

So you know I am big to getting to the root cause and not just thinking we have to take an herb for the rest of our lives.

That is why I highly recommend nourishing those adrenal glands.

Besides cutting out stress or excessive caffeine intake  Vitamin C in its whole food format will nourish those glands and work as a natural remedy for hot flashes without hormones.

You want whole food vitamin c not synthetic as studies show it stays in your system longer and is not immediately flushed out.

You can see in this study that Vitamin C helped to alleviate hot flashes.

It makes sense to me because we are getting to the root cause just like when we suggested magnesium as a top player in natural remedies for hot flashes.

osteoporosis food list

6. High Quality Minerals

The adrenals require nourishing minerals in order to function properly and this is apart of any natural remedies for hot flashes program. 

We are a mineral deficient society and so we must work to not only supplement but work to replenish our soils.

Whether you choose to get a high quality celtic sea salt and put some on your tongue each day or make a warming savory broth with minerals from celtic salt it is up to you.

But the main key is nourish your adrenals with high quality salts.

Now if you want a high end ultra purified sea salt that also helps get rid of heavy metals and nourishes the adrenals check out this salt here on Amazon.

Don’t want to take in salt? Try Pine Pollen to get minerals and DHEA hormone boosting substances from Pine Pollen! 

Even centers like the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center know it works for perimenopause, menopause, and especially for hot flashes. You can check out their write-up here.

7. Ashwaganda | Hot Flash Remedy

Ashwaganda is a potent adaptogenic herb that can be used in your natural remedies for hot flashes tool kit.  As it will work to nourish your adrenals.

In this trial you can see significant reduction in hot flashes with supplementation of ashwaganda.

The root extract seems to have the most potent effects to combat hot flashes.

Ashwaganda works to:

  • Reduce stress,
  • Balance hormones
  • Improve Sleep Quality.

Again this goes back to those adrenal glands and making sure they are well nourished and taken care of.

This means cutting out stress in the areas we have control over.

And working to respond in the best way possible to those stressful situations we may have no control over.

Portrait of Stress and Anxiety

Stress & Hot Flashes

Taking the time to do a life audit and get rid of the things you can that cause really bad stress is important. 

This may seem silly to some but truly it is potent medicine when it comes to natural remedies for hot flashes.

Your adrenals will thank you.

For the things you can’t change you need to consider ways to grow and evolve in yourself and how you react or respond to the situation or your perspective on it.

You can use guided meditations, or magnesium soaks or walking in nature to help.

The more resilient you can become and the more you cut out unnecessary stress you will likely see an improvement in your health overall.

Stress can be a major factor in adrenal insufficiency so whether by toxic food choices like canola oil, sugar or glyphosate laden or processed foods it impacts these tiny gland sitting on top of the kidneys.

Common Hot Flashes Q&A

Maca – A wonderful super food to help stabilize hormones.

Flax Seeds – Rich in Phytoestrogens and Healthy Fats

Omega 3 fats from a top quality source

Nutritional Yeast – Non Fortified – Rich in B Vitamins

Whole Food Acerola Cherry Powder ( Vitamin C)

Organic Evening Primrose Oil – rich in gamma linoleic acid

A good natural hormone replacement is a lifestyle approach of nourishing your adrenals, removing toxins and supplementing with foods and herbs that support hormone balance.

The best therapeutic drinks as natural remedies for hot flashes are fennel tea and/or an adrenal mocktail with a heaping dose of whole food vitamin c blended into sparkling mountain spring water and liberally salt the rim with celtic sea salt.

The research shows magnesium does in fact help hot flashes. 

We know that magnesium helps our hormones, specifically in upregulating DHEA so that all of our hormones work better. 

It also relieves stress and detoxifies heavy metals.

Try a magnesium bath soak as a top approach to natural remedies for hot flashes.


Often the studies suggest a loss of Vitamin E with transitional phases such as menopause. B Vitamins have also been considered when it comes to night sweats and vitamin deficiencies.

Taking care of your adrenal glands is the most important thing you can do to combat night sweats. 

Cutting out adrenal stressors like toxic food, stimulants and environmental stressors.

Things such as Vitamin C, good quality salts, home made broth and supplementing with B vitamins can be a long term strategy.

When you follow the guidelines above like taking great care of your body specifically your adrenal glands you are going to have a much easier time going through this life stage.

The root causation of menopause symptoms is an imbalance in the body which can be rectified with diet, lifestyle, detox strategies and proper supplementation.

We can also work to remove the stress that is in our control to remove.

Utilizing meditation, nature and grounding techniques are helpful here.

Summary | Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

In this article we went over natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones that make a significant difference and work.

The main thing we brought light to was that our adrenals need to be well supported and nourished if we are going to get to the root cause.

We do this with lessening stress where possible and using therapies like:

  • High Quality Minerals
  • Whole Food Vitamin C
  • Magnesium Supplementation
  • Herbs such as Ashwaganda

Simple solutions for mineral balance like nourishing broths and a purified celtic salt can help to offset stress on the adrenals.

A very cost effective powerful wild natural remedy is fennel and it is likely growing abundantly in a neighborhood near you.

We also spoke of the potent wild yam cream to help you produce progesterone to assist the functioning of all hormones.

With magnesium we also mentioned how this helps boost DHEA levels naturally which is a key component to hot flash remedies.

And lastly Vitamin E supplementation can be a main support as our bodies utilize it to aid the sex hormones and promote optimal cardiovascular health.

The common questions section can be helpful as a summary of natural remedies for hot flashes without drugs or hormone replacement therapy.

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