5 Key Gua Sha Benefits For Radiant Health

Gua Sha Benefits

Gua sha benefits the skin in many ways which we will delve deep into in this post.

The skin being your largest organ is a foundational way to detoxify your body. 

It is important to detoxify the body and keep the lymph moving if we want to stay agile, hydrated, juicy and vibrant.

With juicy soft organs and tissues that are well hydrated and muscles that are relaxed, toned and lifted your health sores to new heights and it will show on the exterior of your skin.

As children this is natural.

For many reasons kids don’t have to do much to keep looking great. 

They can eat junk and still look radiant since there organs and muscles are still brand new.

They are loaded with enzymes, the sparks of life.

But as we age tension can build up in our face, neck, body and inner organs.

This can be due to environment and lifestyle choices or just a busy hectic lifestyle.

Things start to sag, tense up, wrinkle and bloat or puff up.

This post is not to discount the beauty and honor of aging gracefully. 

However it is about realizing that if we don’t move it we lose it.

So that means if we want a lifted face we actually have to tone the muscles in the face.

We are taking responsibility because we care about top tier self care.

Just like we tone our butt muscles, well we gotta do that to the face.

gua sha benefits body

A gua sha tool is a beautiful gem stone tool from the earth that is a beauty attendant of sorts.

Today you can get really cheap gua sha tools made out of lesser than optimal materials but for a truly powerful energetic gua sha tool you will want a genuine stone from mother earth.

It is not just about outer beauty but as we use such a tool the inner workings of our body namely the

  • Fascia
  • Muscles
  • Tissues
  • Lymph

benefit greatly.

You will  gleam a deeper understanding from this post of how a gua sha tool contributes to better skin tone, by clearing toxins, improving oxygenation and blood flow to the entire body.


  • Face sculpting,
  • Lymph drainage,
  • Clearing toxins,
  • Depuffing
  • As a lifting tool and
  • Eraser of sorts

a gua sha tool benefits us when we apply consistency and proper technique.

Giving us a pathway to a healthier and vibrant body.

There are many things we can do to support our skins integrity like skin brushing, rebounding, massage, and specific exercises to promote better circulation, oxygenated tissue and a lifting contour of our muscles.

A gua sha body detox is an intelligent way to clear toxins, depuff, and to work as a lifting tool and eraser of sorts.

Lately gua sha has gained in popularity as a natural health remedy to face lifting, sculpting and  as a lymph drainage tool.

For centuries it has been used in Chinese Medicine for pain, microcirculation, to clean up toxins from the body and as a beauty enhancement tool.

I had a Doctor friend over a decade ago that would utilize a bison spoon as his gua sha tool with a vodka solution to scrape the skin and remove it of environmental pollutants like plastics, toxins and metals.

This is a bit of an aggressive approach and may be uncomfortable to some.

It even can cause bruising to the skin.

This should only be approached with help from a qualified health care practitioner.

But make no mistake a gua sha tool is a powerful tool to enhance our bodies life force or qi and create movement through out the entire lymphatic system. 

There is a lot of hype these days about the lymph system.

But this for good reason because it is a key component of your circulatory and immune system. 

With a healthy lymph you glow.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the health benefits of the gua sha tool as a natural remedy and how it may help you achieve your health goals.

Gua Sha Benefits for Radiant Health

1. The Natural Face Lift without Questionable Toxins

If you are like me you seek to natural remedies for your health.

Although botox, micro current and other electric devices may get you results fast we are the ones that question what this does to our bodies over time.

Not to mention the cost over time.

These devices can cause sensitivity to your bones, especially your living teeth bones. 

If you have ever used a micro current device that is strong enough you may feel that in your teeth or jaw.

So if you are good with putting in a little work with an all natural tools that gets results then keep reading on.

One of the most popular gua sha benefits is it being a natural remedy for a face lift.

You can observe many  videos on youtube or tiktok where you can see huge improvements in facial tone, firmness, and its ability to lift the skin and erase wrinkles over time.

face oil for gua sha

2. Lymphatic Drainage

Whether looking to learn about gua sha benefits for face or gua sha benefits for the body they are both tied to lymphatic detox.

When you perform a gua sha stone massage on your face you are working with the lymph fluid which helps to carry the toxins out.

This holds true for the body as well.

If we do not do this, fluid builds up as well as toxins in our face, neck, legs and internal organs.

The more we work with a genuine gua sha stone to circulate qi and move toxins out of our body, the more we will see a difference in the skins overall glow and radiance.

A lot of people ask, “is gua sha really effective”, and the answer is yes if you are consistent.

It is best to use your gua sha tool daily for 5-10 minutes to see results.

Or you could use your gua sha tool on certain days then alternate other days by doing massage.

These actions work to lift and tone the muscles underneath the skin.

Coupled with facial yoga exercises  and tension releasing massage to your chest, arms and legs you can see great natural improvements in the integrity of the skin.

As you work with a gua sha tool you can also use the soft rounded edges to relax the muscles. 

This is extremely important so that the tension leaves these areas.

If muscles begin to shorten it pulls on the area and can cause sagging, lines, wrinkles and folds.

Your gua sha tool works to reverse this.

Gua sha benefits legs in a similar was as it relaxes the muscles and moves the lymph fluid.

Lifting, relaxing and releasing are a few key benefits to gua sha use.

gua sha body

3. Breaking Up Fascial Adhesion is one of the Key Gua Sha Benefits.


Utilizing a gua sha stone works on the tissue underneath the skin.

Over time the fascia can harden and cause sagging skin, wrinkles and aging skin.

The fascia is the matrix of connective tissue under your skin. 

What happens to aging fascia or poorly maintained fascia is it starts to create adhesions.

These adhesions leads to fibrotic tissue and causes aging skin. One way the fascia starts to glue together is a poor diet.

If highly heated cooked food with the wrong oils is eaten day after day or if protein and sugar is eaten together we encounter A.G.E.

This is Advanced Glycation End-Products.

This is the fascia gluing together.

Just like our legs need to be massaged as well as worked to maintain health so does the face. 

If we neglect the upper chest, shoulders and neck area this sags the entire face down.

The scalp has a huge role in this as well.

So by working with a gua sha tool you are also working to break up any glued fascia.

And of course making any lifestyle changes necessary.

Some of the gua sha tools come with a grooved edge which I love to use on the scalp for these adhesions.

Just think you want to keep this connective tissue soft, supple and lifted. 

Just like your organs, you want to keep them juicy and hydrated to pump hormones and beneficial nutrients to where they need to go.

It is all connected.

We can also use gua sha body techniques to work on the fascia and lymph.

Remember to always go towards the heart with light and gentle glides on a well oiled body.

This is the sameprinciple as when you do skin brushing.

Gua sha body routines can help improve circulation, lymph and therefore move toxins out of the body.

You may see a reduction in things like varicose veins as you promote movement of the lymph system with regular use.

Varicose veins also indicate your body is thirsty for whole food vitamin c.

Another tip is to elevate the legs when using the gua sha body tool.

For example put the legs up on the wall and then oil the legs well. Use the tool to move down towards your body.

Help your legs sculpt and stay youthful this way.

Prepare a hydrating vitamin c elixir to go with it.

4. Inflammation Reduction and Depuffing is a Main Gua Sha Benefit.

Because the gua sha stone benefits the lymph, blood flow and oxygenation of the tissue it can help reduce puffiness and inflammation.

This can be a real game changer for those with auto immune diseases or issues such as diabetes because they are dealing with systemic inflammation.

As key nutrients are more easily transported to areas of need it helps to calm down inflammation.

This enhance circulation benefit works wonders to slim or depuff areas of the skin.

The simple glide action over well oiled skin helps to work on lymph toxins and adhesions.

The other way gua sha benefits inflammation responses is through the nerve endings. 

It helps to calm the muscles down and therefore relaxes them and the appearance of the skin.

Depuff Tip

You may want to refrigerate your authentic gua sha stone for a time so you can have a cool stone on your face or body to amplify the effects.

gua sha for face slimming

5. Your Immune System Enhanced

With care and consistency the gua sha benefits extend into a strong immune system.

When we are taking time to work on our lymph, fascia, and improve oxygenation and nutrient absorption through out the body our immune system highly benefits.

This can help keep us stronger to fight off disease.

For example as you use a gua sha over your neck area you are detoxifying your thyroid.

Most everyones thyroid today could use a bit of self massage over it. It is your shield for toxins and is very delicate. 

With the action of a gua sha tool coupled with hand massage over this area you are moving toxins out.

Your thymus sits at the base of the thyroid and is like an immune charging station.

You can gently go over that area with your gua sha stone or simply use your hands to massage it.

With use of a gua sha stone on your face or your body you are assisting your immune system to clean up toxins and oxygenate tissue and transport nutrients.

Gua Sha Side Effects

What are gua sha side effects if any?

If used to harsh gua sha can bruise or leave marks. 

Because you are working with the superficial lymph you don’t need to go hard on the face at all.

Use a good quality face oil for gua sha and use it liberally. Coupling face oil with the gua sha over wrinkles can help reduce them. 

Also if you can lessen the tension you hold in that area this can also release wrinkles.

The best oil for gua sha on the face that I have found is rose hip seed oil. 

Rose hip seed oil may be the best oil for gua sha because it is:

  • Hydrating
  • Contains Retinoic Acid (Natural Retinol)
  • Full of Vitamin C
  • Beta Carotene
  • Vitamin E
  • Repair Damaged Skin
  • Affordable

With the body like on the legs you can use a bit more pressure getting into the fascial adhesions. 

For a body oil I love coconut oil or jojoba oil.

If you do this take several days off in between sessions.

If you use a good quality stone you will likely have less chance of cracking it.

For example some imitation ones made out of glass  could easily break.

Keep in mind if any part of it is chipped this could cut you.

As far as stainless steel gua sha just be sure you know it is fully stainless steel as many cheap ones will have other toxic metals mixed in.

I love healing stone gua sha tools from the earth instead.

So what happens if you use gua sha everyday? 

If it is 5 or 10 minutes on your face with a light pressure and a good amount of oil you can see a face lift and a reduction in inflammation.

Sometimes the effects are immediate however to see long lasting results you must be consistent.

With regards to your body if you use gua sha daily you may see improvement in our lymphatic system and any fascial adhesions if you stay consistent.

This may also help as an anti-aging tool of your entire body.

Gua Sha Benefits Recap

In this post we covered the key gua sha benefits that can help you build inner and outer radiance.

We covered the lymph, the fascia and how the gua sha benefits these systems.

It is important to recognize that gua sha should be used consistently to see results.

Coupling it with massage and exercise will relax and lift the muscles so you can achieve optimal results.

I hope this helps and you got some value on the gua sha benefits for inner and outer radiance.

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