3 Life Changing Mimosa Pudica Benefits

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This post is all about mimosa pudica benefits and how this magical plant can help you take charge of your health utilizing a powerful natural remedy.

Mimosa pudica benefits are astounding and I want to share 3 powerful benefits with you in this post so you can leave with knowledge that will benefit you and your family.

What is unusual about mimosa pudica is that it can sense your intentions. It is a very intelligent plant with full consciousness.  It is known as the curiosity plant or sensitive plant by Hawaiians.

It displays beautiful pink and purple pom pom like flowers when in bloom. 

These will close if you touch them.

It reminds me of the tree in the movie Avatar

Later in this post we will cover some common questions such as:

  • What are the side effects of mimosa pudica supplement
  • Who should not take it Mimosa Pudica and
  • Is Mimosa good for anxiety?
is mimosa pudica good for sleep?

Mimosa Pudica Benefits

  1.  A Mimosa pudica parasite cleanse is one of the top benefits of this powerful yet humble plant and it is all natural.

    Due to the jelly-like consistency of polysaccharides in the plant. Once ingested it will swell up.

    It is similar to how chia seeds swell up and become sticky.

    1. It then facilitates the removal of debris from the gastrointestinal tract.
    2. Promotes a harmonious microbial balance and the growth of healthy flora.
    3. Enhances peristalsis within the gastrointestinal tract.

    This is what helps remove the parasites from the intestinal walls. Parasites can dig holes in the gut lining and also rob us of our vital nutrients.

    With mimosa pudica seeds powder we can work to clean up these parasites as the mimosa pudica supplement binds to the bugs and their toxins and gently removes them.

    This natural remedy also breaks up the bio-films around the parasites.

    This breaks up their home essentially. 

    A lot of parasite cleanses can be stripping of the body and if we can avoid that stripping and still get rid of parasites which is our goal.

    The cleanest most potent source comes from BioPure.

    Dr. Klinghardt was the pioneer of teaching info about mimosa pudica for parasites.

    Long before other brands started teaching it. I used other brands and had bloating. 

    Dr. Klinghardt is concerned with the safety of the other products and this is why I recommend only Bio Pure Mimosa Pudica Whole Organic Plant Powder on Amazon here.

    It does not bloat the stomach, at least for me and is pure and potent. It is wild crafted and a potent 10:1 extract. 

    I also found these case studies interesting for mimosa pudica parasite cleanse and as a natural parasite remedy.

2. Mimosa Pudica for Mood, Anxiety and Depression

Is mimosa good for anxiety?

Several studies and research show that mimosa pudica leaf extracts help reduce anxiety and depression.

It is used in several countries to treat anxiety and to enhance memory you can learn about the specific study and  how it modulates GABA ( the chemical in our brain to help mood) here.

Because parasites effect our mood it makes sense that as we ingest mimosa pudica one of the benefits would be upliftment and freedom from anxiousness. 

In fact anxiety, brain fog and depression are all signs of parasites.

Of course these can be indicators of other things but they truly are a sign of parasites.

As the critters exit, our gut biome can get back to health.
Our gut is considered our 2nd brain.

If you suspect this as a cause of anxiety or sadness you might consider the whole extract I posted above.

The Mimosa tree has such beauty that just looking at it can uplift us. 

For centuries Chinese medicine has touted mimosa as a mood stabilizer and a calming agent.

The bark extract is going to be the best way to invoke the mood stabilizing qualities and adrenal calming properties.

For this I love the mimosa pudica supplement Gaia Herbs Night Time Comfort.

Is mimosa pudica good for sleep?

I noticed a lot of reviews on Amazon reporting that the mimosa pudica supplement above helped them get to sleep and stay asleep. 

One woman called them “the best sleeping pills!”

Menopausal women also mentioned less hot flashes as a mimosa pudica supplement benefit.

Having natural remedies for things like anxiety and depression are paramount to our optimal health.

You might enjoy my natural anxiety relief meditation here.

3. Cancer Fighting Mimosa Pudica 

Mimosine is the anti-cancer alkaloid in mimosa pudica seed that provides medicinal qualities and has been shown in studies to quench cancer. 

There are also flavonoids and triterpenes contributing to its health benefits.

In vitro studies showed that uterine cell cancer growth was inhibited by mimosa pudica. 

It prevents DNA replication in breast cancer and hamster ovarian cells.

It works as a powerful free radical scavenger. 

Cancer and parasites share similar frequencies and properties.

 Mimosa pudica could be a natural remedy to consider if you have either of these issues.

Mimosa Pudica benefits don’t stop there. It is also:

  • Anti fungal
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti bacterial
Man Making mimosa pudica tea reicpe

Mimosa Pudica Tea Recipe

Handful Mimosa Tree Bark

1 tbs licorice root

1 tbs goji berries

1 tsp. ashwaganda root

Bring a quart of purified water to a boil and add in the herbs and berries. Turn down heat to let simmer for 20 minutes.

This tea will be helpful for sleep, anxiety and calming the nerves.

If you want to try it out you can grab the mimosa root bark here on Amazon. 

Mimosa Pudica Questions

  1. What are the side effects of mimosa pudica supplement?

    One thing is for sure and it is the sourcing and quality plays a big role in how well you will do with a supplement.

    Look for a very pure source is key. 

    The main side effect would be constipation due to how it swells up. This could cause stomach discomfort.

    You would want to make sure you are getting enough water to help move your bowels or cut back on the dosage if it becomes an issue.

    Some report more frequent bowel movements as the mimosa pudica supplement helps to clean and scrub the intestinal walls of toxins and parasites.

  2. Who should not take mimosa pudica?
    If you are looking to become pregnant you should avoid mimosa pudica since it has anti-fertility effects.

    It seems to alter estradiol secretions.

    In India they actually use Mimosa as a natural birth control.

  3. If you have any allergies to mimosa it would be ill advised to take.

  4. Is mimosa pudica harmful?
    It is harmful to cancer cells and parasites because of the mimosine in the plant.

    Like any herb or treatment you want to talk to your health care practitioner to see what is right for you.
Purple mimosa pudica growing in an outdoor environment stands out against the green grass

Mimosa Pudica Summary

When you look at the power of mimosa pudica as a natural remedy to help the body rid itself of parasites, potentially ease anxiety and quench cancer cells it can be a life changing plant.

The beauty and awe of this tree is inspiring and instantly uplifts the mood to see it in full bloom.

The cosmic like pink pom poms and the intelligence and consciousness of the tree make it unusual and special. 

Remember that your intention with this plant is very important to note. 
Before taking it in be sure to commune with the plant about your positive intentions.

This post was all about the mimosa pudica benefits so you can explore a potent natural remedy for optimal health.

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