Natural Face Lift Remedy
natural face lift remedy
Lifting sagging cheeks, droopy eye lids, and toning wrinkled skin can be done naturally with these steps below. Create a natural face lift for next to nothing with these simple face lifters.

Important Tips

  • The right kind of massage consistently for a natural face lift is key to see results. Discover below the best ways to achieve a natural face lift with massage.
  • Face taping can help retrain the face to lift and tighten. Over time it helps to provide a natural face lift. Read on to learn which tape and how to achieve results.
  • Lymph movement and hydration are key to a lifted face.
  • Sleeping on your side causes sagging typically on one side of the face and wrinkles. Sleeping on your back is best to keep your neck and face wrinkle and sag free!
  • Head and Neck Posture
  • Eating living plant based foods
Gua Sha Tools
Natural Face Lift Remedy

Gua Sha Tools specifically designed for a natural face lift can be used as a series of exercises to tighten, tone and lift the face. Many tutorials exist on the internet today to help you with specific exercises for a natural face lift.

From wrinkled foreheads, droopy eye lids, sagging cheeks or jowls and tight jaw muscles gua sha tools have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years.

An authentic stone typically of obsidian, jade or rose quartz is sculpted into different shapes that fit the face contours. You can find knock off gua sha tools that may be cheap imitation that are likely just glass.

To reap the full benefits find an authentic gua sha tool stone. The stones themselves bring benefits to enlivening the facial muscles and lifting of the muscles underneath the skin.

Face, Chest and Neck Massage
face massage

Go for a head and shoulder massage to start moving the stagnant lymph out of your face for a natural face lift.

This type of massage will also help loosen the connected muscles to the face. Drink lots of clean water before and after

Learn ways to give yourself a face massage 4 times per week. Here is a great video for a self massage that will give you a natural face lift and drain lymph.

You have likely heard this saying before, everything is connected. Well in the case of our facial muscles and the lines, sagging and drooping do connect to muscles and organs in other areas. For example if we are extremely dehydrated our face will begin to wrinkle. So this is connected to our hydration status.

If we lack collagen we are also much easier to wrinkle. In this case we need to add in things like Irish Moss & Vitamin C for vegans and things like bone broth for those that choose this way of getting collagen.

Tight muscles in the neck, jaw and chest can cause all the muscles in the face to follow suit. If we have a tech neck or are constantly holding stress in these areas it over time effects the face in detrimental ways.

Learn to release your shoulders, and massage the large jaw muscle on the side of your cheeks through out the day.

Face Taping
Afro Woman Looking In Mirror Touching Face At Bathroom

Face taping is a great way to achieve a natural face lift while you are sleeping. This tape is the most affordable that is not to rough on your skin. You can cut it into pieces to suit different areas of your face.

For example if you need a brow lift cut the piece to fit over the eye area. For great tutorials on using this tape go here. This channel has many helpful videos on face taping for a natural face lift.

There are much more expensive tapes and really cheap tapes but after giving them a try this is the winner for me.

Use in your night time face care routine. After cleansing and moisturizing and preforming the massage on your face above apply the tape before bed. I would leave at least one hour after moisturizing so the tape actually stays in place.

Facial Cupping
face cupping map

Facial cupping tools can help with a natural face lift. The use of these tools stimulates the following:

  • Blood Flow
  • Elastin
  • Collagen
  • Helps shrink pore size
  • Reduce facial swelling

You can check out different facial cupping sets here.

TIPS: Start with a clean face and be sure your cupping tools are cleaned well before each use. Utilize this diagram to help you with facial cupping movements.

Face Yoga
Close up portrait of young indian american woman doing facebuilding yoga face gymnastics yoga self m

Face yoga will help to strengthen relax but also strengthen muscles in your face that have gotten lazy.

As mentioned early all is connected so in order to keep our face from sagging just like the rest of the body we need to give it a work out.

Facial exercises and yoga are very beneficial for healthy aging and the appearance of your face.

The most important part of face-lift is the tightening of the muscles around the face. This results in lifting of the features of the face with improved skin tone.

Most of us are strengthening the bottom half of the face, the jaw muscles and the frontal part of the forehead which pulls the face down.

Instead we want to work on the cheek muscles and relax the forehead and lower jaw.

A healthy face yoga exercise is essential to keep the face muscles flexible and reduce facial stress. They also help tone up the facial skin and reduce the look of wrinkles.

I think the best videos for face yoga can be found here. If you prefer books you can get the best one's here.

Clean Up Your Diet
parasite cleansing diet

If you want to reduce sagging, wrinkles and advanced aging of your skin you will want to eat foods that help lift, tighten and tone your skin while keeping it hydrated.

Highly heated cooked foods help to age people faster with a process called advanced glycation end product.

Your colon also reflects the state of your face. When you have a lot of processed, heavy highly heated foods in the diet and eat often this sags the colon and hence the face.

Utilizing the power of intermittent fasting, living plant based foods and colon cleansing help to naturally lift your face.

When we mix sugars and proteins we get a cross linking in our tissues and this causes sagging, wrinkles and fascia adhesions.

To reverse this we need to eat a healthy, hydrating low glycemic diet. Here is the link to my Recipe Nutrition Video course that will help you get the radiant skin you are after.

Head and Neck Posture
Tired african girl suffer from neck pain, spinal problem, incorrect posture, fibromyalgia. Neck ache

Tech neck will contribute to a sagging face and muscle strain and tension like 11 lines and other face wrinkles.

Learn to keep good posture while sitting at a computer keeping your head over your neck and not protruding your head forward causing a double chin and neck tension.

Practice bringing food to your face and not going towards your food. Again keep the head on the neck not forward.

When your face is in a resting state hold the tongue up on the roof of the mouth and have a slight up turn to the corners of the mouth. Smiling while resting is not advised but more a gentle up turn of the corners.

You want your tongue up on the roof so it can hold up your skull and lift your cheek bones upward.

When you rest your tongue in the bottom of your mouth the whole face over time goes downwwards.

You can also use head stands and yoga swings to stretch your spine and hang where the face will naturally go against gravity to lift the face naturally.


Your tongue posture is important to be sure you are not contributing to a sagging face. You want to be utilizing your tongue to hold up your skull.

At many parts of the day you have the opportunity to work on this and it is one of the very best things you can do to have a lifted face naturally.

The main thing to know with your tongue is it needs to be touching the roof of your mouth fully and flat. It should not be only touching the tip of the roof but the entire thing.

This will take some time getting used to. Remember to relax your jaw. Keep your mouth closed and the top teeth should always be in the front while the bottom teeth somewhat behind.

When you rest your tongue in the lower part of the mouth it helps to pull the lower face down.

Learn more about mewing here.



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