How To Improve Hair Health
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This natural remedy will share natural hair health tips to overcome dry, slow growing, and thinning hair so you can experience inner vital health to shine from the outside.

Important Tips

Hair Health Tips for natural beauty from within is the key to get to the root of hair issues. While you should always check with a health care practitioner first, these natural remedies may just give you the guidance you need.

  • Whole Organic Foods Diet
  • Gut Health
  • Hydration
  • Is there an underlying Health issue?
  • Avoid chemicals, preservatives and toxic products
Best Foods For Hair Health
best foods for hair health

Looking at your diet to achieve naturally healthy hair is one of the foundational keys. Each person has a unique blueprint and will need to adjust the diet to their own body chemistry and situation. In general though a diet rich in whole organic foods with supplementation of nutrient dense superfoods or wild foods can be helpful.

You need easy to digest protein so that your hair strands can build up.

Collagen supplements can help fill in the gaps if you are not getting enough protein for your height and weight.

Biotin is a key component of healthy growth in hair. You can find it in eggs, peanut butter, liver, salmon and sunflower seeds.

Be sure to get enough silica in your diet to strengthen the hair. Look to foods such as dark leafy greens, sprouts and nettles. Silica will help promote beauty of the skin as well. It will also move heavy metals out which our rampant in the modern world.

Protein from eggs and peanut butter if you have no allergies is a great start. You may also like to include cottage cheese and wild or organic pasture raised meat. These foods will help you build your blood and get enough iron.

If iron is an issue for you look to steamed spinach, curry leaves and the protein sources above.

Hair Health by getting Blood Work
Human Blood! Vials of Blood!

Getting your blood work can give you an indicator of what foods you need to focus on or what nutrients may be lacking in your diet. There are many factors that go into a healthy head of hair.

If you don't know you will always be guessing on what is happening inside. Although blood work is not full proof and numbers can fluctuate based on many factors it will give you a gauge of what is going on internally.

I like to use the website to get my blood lab tests. You do not need a Doctor to run these tests. They are fantastic! I have no affiliation with life extension nor do I get paid for recommending them.

The labs I would start with are the following:



Thyroid Panel

Iron Saturation

Auto immune tests name a few. These will help you to do some detective work. For example if you find out you have an autoimmune disease this is a huge reason for hair loss and dull hair. If your hair is dry and doesn't grow you may need thyroid help. In my naturally healthy hair guide book coming soon on the shop page I go into detail on how to get your hair back to health.

Natural hair care products are key to a Healthy Immune System and Scalp
Long hair care routine. Oil for head. Girl holding dropper with castor mask near end.

In order to keep a health scalp and therefore a healthy head of hair we need to address the products we use. Not only this but internally our body is absolutely affected by what we put on our scalp.

If you want natural, organic and raw shampoos and conditioners try Morrocco Method. They are based out of California and make the most vital, nutrient rich elixirs, shampoos, conditioners and leave in conditioner sprays for max hair health. There are crystals and super foods within the products.

Your hair will become thicker and healthier as a result. They have a detox masque too so that you can cleanse from using chemicals and other toxins in commercial shampoos.

These toxins wreak havoc on your immune system and liver. They contribute to autoimmune diseases and complications with your glands.

Hydration for Your Hair is key to Growth and Health
Water glass on wooden table.

We don't need to guzzle water to only pee it out. What we need to do is make sure we are getting hydrated properly through electrolyte water, broths and hydrating foods. Of course water is essential but without electrolytes or proper salt balance the water just goes right through you. Look to:

  • Vegetable Broth
  • Bone Broth
  • Pink Salt in water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar in your water
  • Electrolyte supplementation
  • Magnesium baths and foot soaks
Hair masques for deep conditioning or protein treatments
Hairdresser’s Hands Applying Conditioner

Depending on the type of hair you have you will want to consider a hair treatment.

If you have dry hair you can look at doing deep conditioning masques. If you have hair that breaks easily and doesn't seem to grow you may want to consider a protein masque once a month.

The best way to understand your hair type is to do a hair porosity test.

For my particular hair type I love a good deep conditioning masque once per week for one full hour.

You will want to shampoo your hair and then get the water out. Then apply a deep conditioning masque of your choice. Secure your hair up, put on a plastic cap and then if you can apply a heat cap.

Applying heat really helps ensure the conditioning treatment works well.

For protein masques from what I understand it is once per month treatment, otherwise it can cause damage.

Healthy Hair Tips Summary
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Maintaining a healthy diet for your specific bodies needs is foundational to a healthy head of hair.

You also need to look into any underlying health issues like deficiencies, anemia, thyroid imbalances and auto immune. These are typically the reason for hair issues.

We talked about getting blood work to stop guessing and pinpoint the issue with easy blood tests done from a lab near you.

Next we addressed key foods to help ensure stronger, healthier hair growth and thickness.

We shared about using organic and natural hair products like Morocco Method to make sure you treat your body and scalp with real elements not synthetic junk.

Lastly we addressed the need for masques for either conditioning or protein restructuring.

I trust this gave you some insights and stay tuned for my Natural Healthy Hair Guide book coming soon on the shop page!



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