How Can We Achieve Optimal Brain Health?

The Brain is the center of our nervous system. Most dis-eases in the body relate to some impairment of brain health.

Whether it be from a trauma to the brain in the past or spinal cord, recreational drug usage, pharmaceuticals, a standard american diet or negative thinking we can take a look at this and make adjustments with gentle compassion.

To be well aware of what is happening in the brain at all times brings conscious awareness to our sensations and emotions.

We do have the ability to rewire our neural network and with mindfullness and exercises to strengthen the brain we can perceive the world with innocence.

Awareness of healthy fats and essential Amino Acids that feed and nourish the brain allows it to perform optimally.

One key supplement to be taken daily for optimal brain health is some type of fermented fish oil.

I prefer Fermented Skate Liver Oil. The ferment ensures it is bio available.

Be ware of fish oils that are contaminated with metals and have fillers.

You want a premium non-rancid oil.

This type of oil also helps to decalcify the pineal gland, which is not only our line to the ether but our power area for psychic and intuitive abilities.

On another level it has been found by Dr. Amen of the Amen clinics that having human connection is of utmost importance for brain health.

When we have healthy relationships where we can share with one another and create bonds the brain responds really well.

Positive mantras and encouraging self talk is a huge solution to re-pattern outdated beliefs that no longer serve you or the world.

A healthy diet is crucial for brain health. The next time you eat ask yourself, “Is this feeding my brain at the cellular level?

The brain requires mineral rich nourishment from fermented cruciferous vegetables, wild and organic leafy greens, fresh pressed juices, fermented drinks, medicinal teas, super herbs, tonics and foods.

We can also note that cellular movement is crucial for brain health.

The serotonin levels in the brain increase as we maintain a fit body.

It is also noted in Dr. Amen’s book that as one gains weight the brain declines in health.

It also states that when one is successful in life and accomplishes goals brain health is much better.

Other key components to a healthy brain are things like meditation.

Meditation will balance the left and right brain hemispheres and can calm a stressed mind.

It also can activate our multi-sensory perception.

As we activate our multi-sensory perception we find that our life becomes rich and fulfilling on many levels.

We will begin to see this shift first inside and then the outer world will shift to some degree. We have the ability to strengthen our creative and psychic abilities through these perceptions.

Meditate and Let Thine I Be Single & Thy Whole Body Shall BE Full of LIGHT.

To activate the multi-sense perception first begin to meditate. Each day we can do our best to create an extra 20 minutes for this practice. This will balance the brain hemispheres and give us a solid foundation.

  • We can note that the front of the brain which is the frontal lobe is where we intend things or reflect on things.
  • The cortical brain is the sensomotor  ara and here is where we have our sensual experience via our ears, eyes, mouth, nose and hands.
  • Next our motor cortex is right there in front of the somatosensory cortex and this is where intended movement comes from.
  • The lymbic system actually forms the inner body of the cortex. It is connected to the endocrine system and autonomic  nervous system. This is where emotions form and where sexual arousal is activated.
  • The reptilian brain connects to the spinal cord and invokes the fight or flight response. It roles survival, balance of chemicals & electrolytes, sleeping and waking cycles, instincts, and sexual urges.

When these areas of the brain become balanced and healthy our lives are rich and fulfilling.

Deep Breathing and Pranayam can be very helpful here. It will ultimately calm the brain and the heart.

When these two centers are connected with the one conscious breath we are more tuned in and tapped in to our source field.

Certain superior probiotic formulas that are mainly not in stores but are sort of underground if you will  can be a huge solution when it comes to ensuring brain health.

Many individuals feel as if something is wrong with them or that they are unable to stay focused.

This can be related to stress on the brain.

Adaptogenic herbs (Rhodiola, Ashwaganda, name a few) can be helpful here as we are living in a fairly toxic environment.

When kinesiology is applied to the bodies meridians it can show if the brain is stressed or not.

If we test weak we can take action and begin to implement strategies for a healthy brain at any age. You can also receive a scan of the brain to see if their are holes or if it has shrunk etc. This will put things into perspective.

A healthy brain keeps us Young at ANY Age.

One of the best things we can do to keep our brains active is to learn a new language or begin playing a musical instrument.

These things work an area of the brain that is often overlooked.

We can also listen to binaural beat patterns audios which can assist in subtle shifts for the health of our brains.  I have included one below if you would like to listen and activate your brain:)

For more information on brain health take a look at Dr. Amen’s website. There he has a full on community and books to read on the subject.  Have fun with ways to create brain exercises through games, puzzles & art.

Playing an instrument like the guitar helps put some pressure on the finger pads which activates the brain synapses. Long nails prevent this kind of connection. It is important if you don’t play an instrument to daily connect and press the pads of the fingers from both hands to keep the brain healthy.


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