Creating a Dream within the Collective Dream

collective dream

We each are creating a dream with in a collective dream.

The more we can unconditionally love and accept ourselves the easier it becomes to allow others to have their individual dream and accept them too.

You are an Observer of the Dream

The more you see yourself  from the True Perspective as the witness and the observer of you the person the more detached you can become as you go about life.

We where masks for certain situations and people in our lives, it is apart of the dream.

You might be a mother or a father, this is a mask you wear.

Right now we are going through a time where there is a collective  dream of wearing physical masks around the planet.

What is the meaning of this on a spiritual level?

Could it be we are being called to innerstand the non physical masks we where and how to become non attached to them?

To live from a solid place of the witness or the observer of it all?

From the place of the True Self so we can expand in consciousness and evolve into greater realities?

Anchoring Our True Self

How do we gain more awareness and sure footedness as the witness or the True Self?

For one we can meditate. This brings us to a place of peace and stillness within.

Behind the chatter of the mind and the drama of the dream there is an unwavering consciousness watching it all play out. Maybe this is an opportunity to gain practice at living from this place.

If you are confined to your home or being around less people you have an opportunity to grow your spiritual relationship within and with the Creator.

When we focus on creating our own dream that is for the highest good we benefit the collective dream.

We can also allow others to create their individual dream because deep down we know we only allow into our dream that which we are creating.

We can see others in their highest expression to benefit the collective dream whether we like them or not.

What will we Focus on while Creating a Dream?

How will we focus then? Will we allow ourselves this birthright gift of power to create?

There are those that create dark nightmares and those that create peaceful, loving dreams on the planet. What will we each create?

I think this is a great time to get clear on this.

We have an opportunity to strengthen our individual dream right now with so much space from the outside world. It is surely intended for that purpose.

Are we also meant to see where we wear masks in our lives and detach from them and their outcomes? As the observer the whole thing is just a movie or stage any way.

The question then becomes do you control the dream or does the dream control you?

Will we allow our conditioning, our emotional states and our inner dialogue control us? Or do we create awareness and space and recognize we are not any of those things at all.

There are two voices typically going on inside us. That of the ally and that of the foe. Which will we allow to perpetuate? Will we choose to unconditionally love ourselves so we can learn, grow and evolve?

Or will we stay stuck in a fabricated dream of illusion that doesn’t serve us or others and follow the negative voice of unhealthy views and judgements?

The choice is ours. May we each be blessed to open up to a dream that benefits the highest good of all.

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