Prana Packed Snack

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Oh wow, this recipe is fantastic, I highly recommend this. IMG_2089-1

It’s super simple and easy to make.  It’s also:

  • Hydrating
  • Living
  • Nutrient Rich
  • Life Giving with Probiotics

So here goes, in a bowl:

Chop one clean ripe heirloom tomato or the best tomato you can find -hydrating and life giving – root chakra healing with its bright red color

Chop OG Cilantro to bring out flavors – heavy metal chelator – heart chakra healing

Add 2 tsp of organic stone ground raw tahini – protein and amino acids

1 sprinkle of Organic hemp seeds from Bulk Hemp Warehouse (these hemp seeds are actually grown in mineral rich soil and probiotics so the food is beyond being organic it actually has minerals and nutrients!)  – Essential Fatty Acids, Minerals, Nutrients, Protein

Fresh sliced Jalapeno – Warms the body, neutralizes bacteria/parasites, brings circulation and blood flow thru the body. -resonates to the heart chakra with its green color…healing and stabilizing

Minced Red Onion – Abundant in sulfur the beauty mineral. More like purple in color it opens the 7th chakra to cosmic awareness

Fermented Cabbage or Raw Sauerkraut – feeds the friendly bacteria and assists digestion.

This is packed full of flavor and completely nourishes the chakras and physical body on a deep level.

Enjoy and Injoy. Lots of love and blessings, Dodeeji

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