Sun Gazing for Awakening and Empowerment Guided Meditation


Sun gazing meditation to activate your pineal gland and experience self empowerment and appreciation. Allow your gifts to come forth by practicing safe sun gazing.


Step into a transformative experience with our guided meditation on sun gazing at sunrise, during the sacred ambrosial hours.


This meditation is designed to cultivate a powerful day ahead, harnessing the revitalizing energy of the rising sun. As you bask in the warm hues of dawn, allow your body to absorb the healing light, revitalizing every cell and activating the body’s innate capacity for self-healing.


With each breath, feel the sun’s radiant energy infusing your being, clearing away any stagnant energy and awakening your highest expression.


Through this meditation, embrace a profound connection with nature, as the sun’s gentle rays nurture your spirit and align you with the expansive possibilities of the day ahead, empowering you to shine your brightest light.


Note: You must consult with a health care professional before sun gazing. It is best to start with only a few seconds at sunrise or sunset. You can do this meditation visually or with your eyes closed and still receive benefits. I typically do a few seconds of open eye and then keep my eyes shut but allow the eyes to take in the nourishment while closed achieving great results energetically and physically.


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