The Nectar Bar

Jing Tea

2 bags gynostemma tea steeped well.
1 tbs he shou wu extract
Blend with styrian gold pumpkin seed oil for a ovary/prostate jing tonic bonus.

Summer time Smoothie:

Base of fresh made sprouted almond/brazil nut mylk

Add greens powder of choice, celery, leafy greens, cilantro & 1 ripe og peach. Blend and enjoy!


The Genius Bar is a place to upgrade your consciousness through liquid nutrition that works.

I call this one….The Genius Smoothie

1-2 cups of clean wild coconut water or pristine water

2 wild bananas or the best one’s you can find

2 tablespoons of Premiere Greens – Excellent source of Protein

1 tsp. of Fresh Ground Raw Vanilla Bean Powder

1 Tbs. Premiere Coconut oil, packed with MCT’s.

1 tsp. Essential Fatty Acid Oil (Premier Labs)

1 tbs. Maca

3 heaping tablespoons tocotreniols

1 tbs. Premier Whey Peptein or Premier Colostrum

2 tablespoons of Galactan Powder (Fiber and Probiotics)

1 tbs. premier lecithin powder

1 handful of micro-greens

1 ounce of coconut kefir water

Optional: Half a Ripe Wild Papaya or Non Gmo Papaya

Blend, Bless, Serve and LOVE the Genius Smoothie:)

The Buddha Bloody Mary

Fresh juiced organic sweet cherry tomatoes (if your juicer doesn’t do tomatoes just use the blender and then strain)

The juice of 2 celery stalks

1 tsp- 3 tsp. premier tomato concentrate (if you do not have this just omit it for other seasoning)…this is a superfood though and if you can order it through me.

Juice of 1 lime

1 celery stalk for garnish

1 piece of lime for garnish

1 tsp premier pink salt

A dash cayenne tincture or cayenne pepper for flavor

Fresh horseradish root to taste (grate into liquid and blend)

Dilute your tomato juice with some spring water. Add this to your high speed blender Now add celery juice, horse radish, cayenne, lime juice, pink salt, and tomato concentrate from pr labs. Pour over ice and garnish with a celery stalk a lime and pink salt on the rim . Optional is red bell pepper juiced…adds a beautiful taste!

Coconut Kefir Margarita

16 ounces of coconut water kefir (either buy at health food store or make it yourself with fresh coconut water and probiotics)

1 tsp. of Premier Pink Salt

Handful of clean ice

4 drops of vanilla creme stevia by omica organics

the juice of 2 organic limes

1 tsp of raw organic coconut oil (liquify it but don’t heat it)

Blend the lime juice, stevia, coconut oil and coconut water in the blender. If you prefer your Margarita on the rocks just add the ice at the end, other wise blend it into your cocktail. Now get your special margarita glass and put some lime juice on the rim then coat with pink salt. It MUST be pink salt b/c this has the minerals and nutrients to nourish your body-particularly your adrenals. Cheers to you and your vibrant, radiant self!

Electrolyte Lemonade

A big handful of Organic Lemons

2-3 tbs. of truly UNHEATED Raw OG Honey

1 tsp. of Pink Salt

2 ounces of fresh pressed ginger juice (optional)

1/2 gallon of spring water or pristine water source or coconut water or sparkling spring water is awesome!

2 ounces of Fresh Aloe liquid or Aloe fillet  (optional)

A few ounces of coconut water kefir is nice to add if using coconut water (optional)

Juice up those lemons and get yourself about 1 1/2 cups of lemon juice. Pour into a 1/2 gallon glass bottle. Add all other ingredients and shake up well. Store in the fridge so its nice and cold.  Use fresh aloe juice with no preservatives. If you don’t have this simply cut some aloe fillet fresh and blend in blender. Strain it well and add to potion.  This is incredibly hydrating!

Mate Latte’s

10 soaked organic brazil nuts

2 tbs hemp seeds

4 cups of spring water

1 dash of sea salt

5 drops of omica organics liquid vanilla stevia

4 tbs. of unsmoked yerbe mate leaves

Make your tea on the stove top or boil water and place matte leaves in the base of your press pot. pour water over the top and let steep for 6 or 7 minutes. Now you want to blend the rest of the ingredients in your vita mix or blend tec blender. Now you have a sprouted nut/seed mylk. Pour this in the base of your cup or mug and now pour your tea on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Chaga tea with nut or seed mylk

Brew Chaga over night in glass pot.  Prepare a nut mylk by soaking and germinating the nut or seed over night. Add 3/4 cup of nut or seed to about 3 cups of spring water. Add Stevia, tocotreniols, maca and or lecithin for taste, texture and nutrient density.

Next blend and then sift through a nut mylk bag or fine mesh strainer.

Blend the mylk on high in the blender to create foam. Add Chaga tea to your favoirte mug and top with the mylk and cinnamon if you so desire. with love!!! Dodhisattva

Mineralizing Iced Tea

1 part Rooibos extract powder

1 part Shilajit

Large glass spring water.

Mix and Enjoy this highly mineralizing water before, during and after cellular movement.:)

A Medicinal Brew Decoction:

1 Part Reishi Mushroom

1 Part Fo Ti or Ho Shou Wu

1 Part Pau D Arco

Decoct these herbs by getting up to a boil and then allow it to simmer on low to medium for several hours. This tea can be the base for elixir recipes, smoothies or just to enjoy on its own. I have some brewing now and it is a potent medicine for the body, mind and spirit.

Medicine Tea

Today is a blessed day for an incredible Ormus Rich Liquid Smoothie! Join me and create this smoothie for a super nutrient rich filled day:)

The juice of 2 organic lemons

1 organic cucumber

1 large piece of aloe fillet with out the spikes

1 organic fuji or green apple cored

1 tbs. Spirulina

1 bunch fresh Basil

A tad of spring water

Add Ormus Liquid Gold (optional)

Blend all ingredients on high in the vitamix and enjoy this Ormus Smoothie:)

Wow, it is around 8:oopm here and I just made an super youthful elixir that is literally off the charts in flavor profile and vibration. After an incredible work out of biking to the park, running, ab work out, stretching, 5 tibetan rites and a rebounding session (thanks to superfood supplementation of colostrum for peak performance) I am now ready to enjoy a beverage from the Liquid Light Lounge! I hope you will join me and make the recipe below. Cheers to our health and well being.

Youthful Liquid Elixir

1 part organic raw coconut water

1 part organic raw coconut kefir water

1 tbs. goji berry powder

1 part potent proteins (fermented greens by body ecology..see products page)

1 part large piece of fresh fillet aloe leaf

1 part frozen acai berry packet

Blend all ingredients on high in your vitamix or blend tec and serve in a cold glass jar. I say Yes to this liquid elixir.

Note: Another way to truly activate your foods, elixirs and smoothies is to clear the karma of the food and raise the vibration of the food to resonate at higher frequencies. This will charge the foods with a clean intention. Blessing the food and sending gratitude to our foods also raises the frequency.

Top of the morning indeed. As the rooster’s crow here in Thousand Oaks from the neighbor’s back yard I am making us a hot Reishi “Espresso”. This is quite the opposite of your traditional espresso as there is no coffee, but you will be left feeling uplifted, fulfilled and nourished by this deeply healing elixir.  So here we go!

Great Spirit Espresso

3 cups Gynostemma tea brewed with Astragalus Root ( you could also buy powdered Astragulus)

1 tbs. raw coconut oil extra virgin

1 tsp. he shou wu

1tsp. Chaga

2 capsules Reishi Immune by Pr labs or whatever form of Reishi you have….tincture is good.

2 tsp. colostrum

2 tbs. Dandy Blend

1/4- 1/2 tsp. Polar Mins (Pr labs mineral supplement)

Cinnamon to dust on the top

Blend all ingredients except Cinnamon into blender on high until well incorporated.

Serve frothy from blending with cinnamon sprinkled like fairy dust.

Sit, enjoy and savor this alchemical elixir as it nourishes and tonifies all three treasures in your body. Jing, Chi & Shen.  Aloha! From the Liquid Light Lounge.

It is a beautiful day here in the liquid light lounge and we are creating watermelon super infused juice.  So thankful to get an organic watermelon full of the seeds!
Genuine Watermelon With the Seeds. Grateful am I.
 The health benefits of watermelon are incredible from there ability to cleanse and rejuvenate the kidneys, the abundance of lycopene for heart health and the amazing Zeaxanthin and Lutein content for healthy eyes is crucial today! Did you know that everyone could benefit from supplementing with Zeaxanthin and Lutein as it is challenging to get alot of this in our diet unless we are lovers of Watermelon!!:) If you have issues with sugar Watermelon juice may not be right for you. If you feel lots of energy after drinking this drink but then crash it might be a sign of bacteria imbalance in the body. We are going to add superfoods to assist in releasing the sugar a bit slower and if you want you can add some chia seeds to even allow the sugar to more slowly absorb. 3/4 blender full of watermelon cut up
Aloe is rich in Ormus and is healing to the digestive tract and stomach lining. Consume it often and express gratitude:)

Aloe is rich in Ormus and Heals the digestive tract and Stomach Lining. Eat often with Gratitude:)1/2 cup spring water 1 tbs. chlorella powder 1 large piece of aloe filleted removing spikes and skin ( you can leave the skin on if you prefer) 1 tsp. pomegranate extract Blend ingredients on high and serve in your favorite liquid light vessel!

Other fun facts about Watermelon with the Seeds:

1. Arginine in Watermelon treats erectile disfunction.

2. The Seeds contain substantial amounts of Vitamin B. This is outstanding for the hair, skin and nails.

3. It is hydrating to the body and is a great source of minerals/vitamins. Juice the rind for a more nutrient rich elixir!

4. Watermelon is rich in Iron! Drink up at your moon time. 🙂

A sneak peak of the recipes to come:

Superfood Tomato Concentrate Bloody Mary

Enzyme Elixir


Coconut Kefir Margarita’s

and much much more. I look forward to creating atmosphere in the Liquid Light Lounge, a place for  people to mix, mingle and listen to soul music. There will be an active menu of elixirs to choose from each with their unique & authentic qualities. We may even create an open forum in this area.

Hip hip hooray for the Liquid Light Lounge!



Enjoy my best updates & secret recipes I only share with my soul family.

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