Who is Dodee?

As an Empath (someone whom can sense the feelings of others easily) with a sharp intuition, I have a passion for the healing and longevity arts. At a young age I would find people would just naturally come to me for help, even if I just met them they would 'spill the beans' about their life.  

I combine my intuitive abilities with Detox Protocols, Nutritional Programs and Advanced Health Technologies to help clear long standing inflammation in the psyche and infections in the body creating cellular integrity. We are all works of art.

With over 15 years of experience in spiritual and natural health protocols, I am passionate about assisting those on a similar path with a personalized treatment map. Seeing health as a whole lifestyle approach, I utilize the power of my gifts and disciplines when creating custom health programs. 

I am attuned to Usui Reiki, 6th in the lineage line from Dr. Usui. As well as a certified Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner helping people remediate emotional and scar traumas in the bio-field. As a Raw Food Chef, certified through Planet Raw under the direction of Hollywood’s chef to the stars, Juliano Brotman I have a passion for the sensory experience of living foods.

I have taught workshops with Holistic Healer Lou Corona on the 4 Principles of Life, as well as living cultured foods classes  around Orange County and at the famous raw food restaurant Au Lac.

These days I lives in the Trinity Mountains and am passionate about a wild food diet and wild food as medicine to reverse chronic disease and slow the aging process. The alchemy of herbal infusions and mineral rich foods are paramount in the healing process as well as the quiet environment of the forest to work on my own development.

Discover my personalized programs on the SHOP page and email us with any questions. 

Wondering about the name of the site?  A creative expression of words Dodee was inspired by the word "bodhisattva" - one who is inspired by great compassion. The word dodhisattva is a symbol of the truth of my highest self. I created my own word as I use to do this as a young girl, being creative, thinking outside the box, being open to something greater. To expect the unexpected.

We are first spirit beings and these are the great siddhis of my gene code: A spirit of love, empathy, genius, valour, humility, unity, virtue, sacrifice, celebration, beauty, being and mastery.  Find out your virtues and meditate on them daily. 

My teacher Yogi Bhajan says, "Understand through compassion or you will misread the times." 

 I came here to bring forth my divinity in the most brilliant, innocent and purest form, not being held back by the dogma of the word bodhisattva...awaiting others to rise. But instead rising and allowing others the space to shine too, that is a true bodhisattva.

At my very best, I honor each character in this movie as the Source in disguise. So it is a grand play of alchemy to turn the hurts, cowardly ways, wounds and pain into gifts to be given back to the ONE. We all have a shadow self and it is up to us to reunite with the shadow and honor it for it being our greatest teacher.

When you realize you have a deep capacity to feel you must learn to use it as a super power. Most get taken down by the lower vibrations of others or the world. A true bodhisattva rises above and is a living example with deep compassion for the whole.

Have I mastered this?  I give it my very best in each moment and continue to be open to do better each day.   I make it my aim and goal and seek out Masters so that I can live out my dharma and Master the Art of Super Natural Living, Indeed I do. 

Let me give you some of the tools in my alchemy box to greater assist you on your magical journey, the hero's journey!

Sat Nam Jio (I bow to the divine within you).

What People Are Saying...

Awesome Program!

Thank you for guiding me through a colon cleanse and detox. I learned so much and you helped me to see aspects I would have never thought of had I did it on my own. I feel lighter, brighter and full of energy. I highly recommend Dodee's Detox Coaching to anyone serious about feeling great and achieving their health goals!  - Joelin Ferguson, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the Detox Program!

Your program was so helpful. It was like a hidden gem amongst so many cleanses out there. My digestion is so much better and I was able to do the cleanse while working. I appreciate your support with the details I would have never thought of. Thanks Again. - Andrew Lee, Thousand Oaks, CA

Thank you for all your work!

My family and I had Dodee personally come to our home and help us with lifestyle coaching. She showed us hands-on in our home how to make the most amazing healthy nutritious recipes. We had one on one coaching done for our daughter whom suffered with teenage acne. We so appreciate Dodee and all her education, she is a rare gem. ~ Melissa B. - Malibu, CA

So Glad I chose the Detox Your Living Space Program!

Wow, I had no idea certain products I was using on my hair, skin, and teeth were so toxic. I got so many recipes and insights on upgrade approaches to hygiene and personal care. My kitchen got a whole make over as far as oils I was using, pots/pans that were toxic and certain condiments that were hindering my performance. I really appreciate your help with this, it made a world of difference! ~ Molly Rowlands, Seattle, Washington

Detox Program

I really appreciate the amazing program you put together for me. I got both the living space detox and personal cleansing program. Dodee has some masterful knowledge about health and wellness that is rare in the world today. I feel like I am a new person revived and ready to take on tasks with ease. Thank you so much for all your genius. You really have made a difference! - Tyler Hoff

Liver Flush Protocol

Dodee has been instrumental in my health and longevity journey. She really gave me a good handle on liver flushing and how to do it like a real master. Her insights allowed me to get results like I had not experienced before. Thanks for your support. ~ George Sohal, Seattle Washington

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  • These are awesome inforamation. Thank you Doddie!!

  • saw your website link on my gmail page. very awesome!!! you rock! 🙂

  • Hola Dodi Ji, I hope all flows well in your space. I find your blog a source of inspiration and have nominated you as a ‘Thought provoking’ blog. The link is here, http://leroywatson4.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/riding-effortlessly-nominated-a-thought-provoking-blog/.
    The title of this award/ link comes nowhere near close to representing the gift and raw energy that you are sharing with us all. But it is ‘thought provoking’ in a way!? We should start a new award named ‘cosmic wonder and light being award’.
    I have found these awards etc. a useful tool in discovering new blogs that fill my life with joy. They also make your blog more accessible to the good folk.
    I wish you light and happiness, lee

    • Wow Thank you brother. I am grateful. I love the idea of the cosmic light being award too! I too am inspired by you and your posts. Your blog is a source of inspiration for me and I am learning how to get more involved on here thanks to you! I am truly grateful Lee. Blessed LoVe, Dodee
      ps I am still dreaming about the chocolate olive torte as I would have made it by now by am still fasting on juice and wild herbal sun teas! You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be making that torte! lol.

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