You are Not Just 1 Body, but 10 Bodies!

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Hello and welcome back to the Sacred Backyard. Today we are going to discuss about the 10 bodies we have as beings. Most people may believe we are just our physical bodies but that is far from my truth and personal experience. And as you begin to cultivate and bring awareness to all of these bodies you will feel when they are all nourished, cleansed and empowered.  It doesn’t take much to keep these bodies all happy and thriving but it does take commitment to exercising them daily at our best.

Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Most of the world has got super familiar with the physical body, but we are way more powerful than just a limited physical body. You could think of your body as the overcoat that you wear in this life. It’s an incredible gift and protector of your other bodies. When treated with loving kindness it brings a human deep wholeness.

It’s a bit deep but the reality is Truth is your identity. Sat Nam means True Identity.  Sat Nam Ji means I bow to the true identity of the soul. So, Truth isn’t born weighing 6 lbs. 8 ounces. Truth doesn’t have a Mercedes G500 and where hemp clothes or worry about dying etc. Truth actually is infinite and eternal and is always peaceful, loving, joyous and present. When we use a small percentage of ourselves, like say 4%, you are living as a limited person. Now if you open up to 10% of our true power the light starts to turn on. IF we can get completely HERE, being super present than we are getting closer to the True Identity. Most of us don’t know the True meaning of Being Present. It usually a concept for most as opposed to a full embodiment.  A Conscious Immortal.

Until we can see with energy eyes or x-ray sort of vision we don’t see the body that wears all the garments. It’s deep, but its amazing to experience that limitless part of us as a whole being.  When we raise our energy into the higher chakras we definitely can become aware of this immortal part of us.

So here we go into the 10 bodies:

1. Soul Body

This is the light of God that lives in you, in your heart of hearts. It never dies.  Getting connected to it is a grand idea s you will be with it for the long haul. A great time to connect with this body is during a morning sadhana practice, say around 4 am or some time in the ambrosial hours.

Next we have Three Mental Bodies

Often we really get deep in the program that we are the mind. It can seriously bring us down the spiral and I have definitely experienced this.  But when we realize our identity is beyond this we can start to surrender this part of us and handle it with discernment and self mastery.

2. Negative Mind – It wants to make sure you get the memo that a potential situation could result in loss or some kind of danger ahead.

3. Positive Mind – It loves to tell you what could go good in a situation, how you might benefit.

4. Neutral Mind – It uses discernment by listening to both the negative and the positive mind. When we move outside of ourself to the special spot of the neutral mind alot of grace flows through our experiences. Its a great place to dwell.

5. Physical Body – It is a place for you to call home in this life, so you could experience everything you see currently as your reality. It’s a place for God to come through and experience this life in and through you. The physical body works best when we are balanced in our approaches. Not extremists on one area of the spectrum but grounded and neutral in our approach to life. Keeping balance in nutrition, work, play, rest and movement is key.

Note: In Tantric Numerology I am a 5 for kharma and dharma. When I am living in alignment with my dharma my body follows suit, it is so true! It is something I truly feel on a deep level.

6. Arc Body – This is often called the Halo and it goes from one ear to the other ear. It is a protector of negative energy and it also tells people about you without a word spoken. It is that subtle energy when you can sense someone is looking at you. You turn around and they are, that is the Arc Body at work.

7. Auric Body – This is the electromagnetic field surrounding you that goes out about 9 feet in those that work and achieve it. Sometimes it is a natural way of being. My friend Lou Corona has a light aura. His last name means crown and I am pretty sure it translates into light body too, I remember tell him this one day. He is a healer, naturally it came to him effortlessly as a God given gift. So we can see what color our aura is and you can sense when you are in the presence of a peaceful loving healing aura.

8. Pranic Body – This body builds strength into us through breath work. When we do pranayam such as breath of fire we breathe in the prana as well as expell the darkness or toxins from the body. Breathing feeds and nourishes this body.

9. Subtle Body – This is one of my gifts at least I feel it. Its the ability to sense the subtle energy around you. It’s your ability to acquire new skills and tune into situations quickly.

10. Radiant Body – This body gives you the radiance and the royalty of your birth right. It is here you attract goodness, you will feel the courage and develop this powerful magnificence you call your Radiant Body. When the radiant body is tapped we shine, glow and have lots of charisma.


I trust you enjoyed this little post on the 10 bodies. There are great ways to increase the power in our bodies through yoga, breath work and Qigong. I practice in the morning to build these bodies and it literally carries me through my days.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on. Saaaaaaaat Naaaaam!

*Thank you to the book by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa called Kundalini Yoga the Flow of Eternal Power, where I was able to learn about these 10 bodies and translate the info in my own words at my best. Love and Blessings. Dodeeji:)

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