Wonderful Ways to Start Your Day

How do you start out your day? Do you have a morning routine or something that just really puts you in a good feeling place? I invite you to share in the comments below of what inspires you in the morning to have a beautiful and magical day?

I would love to share with you what I have found to really assist my body, mind, spirit and over all well being each morning.

Giving thanks each morning that I wake for another incredible day here on Earth is a wonderful way  to alkalinize the system.  This allows the energy body to keep a powerful field around it.  Maybe you have a favorite meditation or something you like to recite in the morning, whatever it is make it apart of your daily cellular practice.

Next I like to nourish my cells with water and I enjoy a splash of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in that water. Most often we wake up dehydrated and in an acid state. This drink will assist to alkalinize the blood while encouraging a bowel movement.  I like to drink enough water that I feel completely hydrated again.  Often I make myself a fresh pressed green juice or a medicinal tea that upregulates the kidneys. For this I utilize powerful jing herbs like He Shou Wu and Gyno Stemma tea to strengthen the immune system. Please feel free to browse the Ital Kitchen and/or the Liquid Light Lounge for inspirational drinks that will soothe the soul in the morning and get you going!  For those that enjoy coffee I recommend checking out my coffee alternative drinks or if you really want a beautiful cup of joe in the morning you might find that by adding some Chaga mushroom that it will neutralize the acid/caffeine effects of the coffee.  By choosing the highest quality coffee that has not been over roasted you can be sure you are receiving medicine from the coffee berries.

Next, I enjoy getting my shoes on and moving my body as soon as possible. Even if you just take a short brisk walk around your neighborhood or local trail you are stimulating the lymphatic system and stimulating endorphins to release in the body. Deep Breathing during this time is great to release stagnant air and bring in the new, fresh and vital. This promotes an overall sense of well being. In the early morning the body is nourishing and assimilating foods from yesterday. Even if you feel a sense of hunger in the morning it often is actually the body digesting food from yesterday. Enjoy that feeling and feed yourself with water and liquids for as long as comfortable.  Later on in the day I enjoy longer amounts of cellular movement.

I feel that stretching the body in the morning is very valuable.  Getting in a routine of stretching all areas of the body is very  healing and nurturing.

No  morning is complete without a hot/cold shower or just cold (depending on the day:)) one to really get a sense of wellness.  Recently when I visited Harbin Hot Springs I got to do some really therapeutic hot/cold therapy in the springs there.  The water was about 45 degrees and I really enjoyed soaking in that water then going up the trail to the extreme hot spring. It was truly magnificent! Your skin really benefits from this type of therapy as well as the glands and organs.

Beginning your day with an uplifting and inspiring start is key to the unfolding of your day. Some mornings you may be inspired to take it easy or read or spaz out ! lol. Whatever gets you going and puts you in a good feeling place.  Making time for yourself to get connected and centered is vital for your well being. If this means getting up earlier than normal than so be it.
Top of the Morning to you all!

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