Why is Chlorophyll So Important for Your Body & Spirit?


Have you ever wondered why chlorophyll is so important to the human body or maybe you have wondered if it can benefit the Spirit? Maybe you are wondering what chlorophyll is? Chlorophyll is an organic molecule which allows plants to carry out photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is when plants convert the suns energy rays to chemical energy. In short it is the process that sustains plants on a biological level. Photosynthesis is what allows plants to essentially create their own food. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their magnificent hues of green.

So in all this scientific speak what does it have to do with the human body and the human spirit? Why is chlorophyll important to us?

Did you know that the word “human” means light being?

It comes from the words Hue and Man. With that said just our intuition alone can steer us in the direction of how important chlorophyll would then be for our human bodies and potentially our spirits.

Our blood requires oxygenation to carry nutrients and minerals to different areas of the body. Chlorophyll has been known to increase red blood cell count in humans which helps with this oxygen transfer. In these toxic times we as an organism need as much oxygen we can get.

Ingesting chlorophyll can be a way to heal ourselves both biologically and spiritually. When a plant uptakes the sun’s energy it then creates its own food from this. These plants take on responsibility too mend and nourish themselves from the sun’s energy. Think about a fungus, it does not go through photosynthesis. On the contrary fungi are great takers. Like the emotional pattern that stems in those with candida they are great takers.

Nourishing and thriving on chlorophyll rich plants can be a way to signal our DNA we are ready to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. To have reverence for this body and the spirit of life and to utilize the tools nature gives us to heal and return to wholeness.

With chlorophyll as our ally we can cleanse, alkalize, oxygenate, purify and rebuild blood cells. A gift from the sun for us light beings we have the opportunity to abundantly take in this nourishment and wisdom from on high.

On Sundays I like to do a liquid fast and there is perhaps not a better day for it. Sun Day..the day of the Sun. So this day I make a huge batch of a chlorophyll rich green juice and then take in other nourishing liquids that build energy in the body like teas and light soups. Sundays are a day to replenish and rejuvenate and to honor this connection we have with the plants and the Sun…the Spirit of Life.

When we fast in this way we also let the body know who is in command. Does your stomach or your mind dictate your eating patterns? Or do you as a conscious soul make the decisions on what you will eat and choose to think, feel, say and do?

It is a practice, and we all can stumble and fumble but why not make a sincere effort to have discipline. After all if our goal is to Master the Art of Living and live a Super Natural Life these are the waters we must drink from.

As I end this post I will leave you with another thought about the consciousness of plants. Plants are living beings just as you and I are. Don’t plants give off a majesty and wonder? As we invoke our awareness and truly see plants for what they are we might come to find following in their steps might be a wise wise choice if we are choosing to also imbibe majesty and wonder. They are teachers allowing us to learn from them. As our awareness builds we hold more reverence for this alchemical process that unfolds in plants and in us.

Enjoy your chlorophyll rich days, not just Sundays. Really rejoice in the majesty of these plants and what they are freely giving to humans….physiologically speaking a healthier body and perhaps on a spiritual level a more elevated state of consciousness.

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