Why Culture My foods?

Since my website includes cultured food recipes I wanted to give a brief explanation as to why this is of utmost importance in your daily routine as you create wholesome living foods.

Culturing your foods allows for the food to be “activated.” It allows friendly bacteria to proliferate and actually digest itself. This is much easier on our digestive system as we go to eat. It is a great idea to eat cultured foods with every meal to make sure you are digesting everything you consume.

So…as we ferment and culture our foods the health and friendly bacteria is created and it allows for bio-available food to enter the body. When our food is bio-available we are able to build strong muscle, hair, skin and bones. We can then start to manufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones. This will ultimately lead us to radiance!

Some foods that you can culture are: Coconut water, Nut and seed milks, vegetables to make sauerkraut, seed and nut yogurts, seed and nut cheeses. The list goes on and on. Enjoy cultured foods today and try our Probiotic Blend Powder which is Proteolytic, which means it breaks down the proteins into amino acids. Not all probiotics are proteolytic or medical grade. Get these probiotics and consume them morning and evening to re establish friendly flora in the intestinal tract.  Use this probiotic to create your nut and seed cheeses and yogurts as well.  For recipes please go to my website: Http://www.dodhisattva.com