What is Your Spirit Animal & What Is Its Mystical Message?

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spirit animal
Spirit Animal

Do you know what your Spirit Animal is? What is a Spirit Animal any way?

A spirit or soul animal is an animal that guides you in a particular part of your life. We are all on a Hero’s Journey whether we realize it or not.

Through out our journeys we are given tools and guides and clues, which are up to us to see. Some of us see those sign posts and utilize them to help navigate the 3D world we live in.

Your Spirit Animal & Deep Insights

A Spirit Animal can give you great insight, especially if you are tapped into the source within you. I feel like often our spirit animal can change depending on where we are at in our lives.

For me for a very long time it was the Heron. I would see white and blue herons and they have been excellent guides for me to remind myself to have one foot in the spiritual realm and one here in this physical world to cultivate balance and poise.

Having roots in the Earth and tentacles to the ether makes life more full.

Lately it is the Dove that greets me, the dove reminds us of our innocent pure nature. Sometimes I get to connect with the great owl medicine.

The Owl with its wise, calming yet mysterious energy can stop us in our tracks so we might take a deep breath and see more than meets the eye.

But what is so cool is that these spirit animals will disguise themselves. What I mean is when you see a spider or a centipede, it might be scary but remember they are spirit animals too!

The centipede has a great message for you! Learn to look up these spirit totems so you can gain the knowledge the Ether/Spirit World is sending you in that moment.

It is a blessing to have a connection with the Spirit World. Embrace it! The more you do the more the spirit animals will likely greet you. 

Your Main Dominant Spirit Animal

Your main dominant Spirit Animal is likely tied to your Ancestral roots, so before you meditate on your Spirit Animal remember that it is like your ancestral lineage – it comes from that region of the world.

There is immense power that lays dormant in most of us because it has not been yet activated and fully recognized. This is from the ancestral matrix and there must be a solid relationship there.

Where I live we have many wild animals.

One time I walked out my door to be greeted by a huge snake, yesterday it was a woodpecker and today it was the smell of the skunk, although these may not be my Spirit Animals I feel they have significance and symbolism within your present life.

I have learned that the snake can represent the kundalini awakening in us. The Wood Pecker can be a sign of  intelligence and healing. While the skunk can symbolize self awareness and courage.

Once you acknowledge these animals they will realize your super senses are activated and they will come and greet you.

Forage a relationship with the spirit world my friend. It really makes life that much more enriched, alive and super natural.

So tell me what Spirit Animal has greeted you? What animal do you most resonate with?

All you have to do is ask your inner light to see your spirit animal and they will come gladly to meet you in this realm. Let me know what is your spirit animal in the comments below.

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