What is Our Purpose Here on Earth?


So, I am sitting here watching the snow fall, as the train passes through this small mountain town wondering what I might write about today.

The question I ask you is deep but within it allows for so much freedom.

What is Our Purpose Here On Earth? Many become puzzled with this question, some have a clear connection with this question. We all have the same purpose and it will come forth in different creative formats or expressions depending on our soul signature. Let’s read on to journey into the truth together.

First we must recognize that true purpose comes from creativity, and in order to be Creative we must let go of the fear of being wrong or that our ideas are not worthy. We must let go of our limited perceptions.   You are already worthy as you were born here on this earth at this monumental time, so you already are a  rare soul that came here to  live on purpose with a mission.  Creativity is individual, we all express through our own unique way. This is the first key in realizing your deeper purpose for being. Contrary to popular belief, Creativity does not just mean you must be a painter or a sculptor. Creativity can come through us and does in many different expressions, shaping our own personal life canvas for the world to be inspired from.  You are not here to please everyone but you will reach certain individuals that came here to enjoy your soul’s expression.

How do we let our creativity come through? Creativity comes through when we let go of thinking and holding on to limited ideas of how things should be or what we think we are here to do. Creativity comes through when we let go of knowing it all.

It comes thru deep surrender of the ego and allowing the greater intelligence that we are to come work through us. We are all consciousness and so we must go back to our roots in order to shine our creativity effortlessly in this world.  It is simple because you really don’t have to add anything to your life in order to create big things in this life, more so we need to subtract and live more simply in order to gain clarity and focus of our bigger purpose. The criteria is simple.

To live on purpose, do these things often:

  1. Practice still awareness of this moment by getting in touch with the inner body and feeling its’ aliveness while simultaneously engaging your senses in your exterior world. The mind does not need to be engaged, as this is a deeper awareness practice that the mind really does not innerstand. This practice connects you to the grid of consciousness.
  2. Next, go for walking meditations in nature and practice what was shared in Number 1 so that it becomes a normal life experience; you become awake within the dream. Doing the walking meditation in nature helps to allow consciousness to expand. Nature is consciousness and holds a high vibrational frequency.
  3. Detach from your life situation whatever it may be (seemingly good or bad). This frees us and brings us back to our true nature which already is unlimited and experiences the totality and wholeness of our true nature, no lack and no ego involvement. In this state it’s simple to allow consciousness to flow thru and could take many different forms depending on your own story in the movie of life.
  4. Stay humble and in deep gratitude for gifts or blessings that come into your life, in whatever way. This shows the universe you feel and notice the abundance that you are and projects more into your reality.
  5. Keep an innocent perception of those around you and the world. This doesn’t mean you wear your rose, colored glasses. This means you real-eyes that we are all one body and apart of pure consciousness. All things.
  6. Use discernment in your decisions about people, places and things. Learn to be a great observer in presence so you can make changes when required.
  7. Live your Hero’s Journey in this lifetime so you can go home to the Supreme and leave the special world whole and complete.
  8. Most importantly accept this moment. This does not mean you have to accept your life situation…if you seem to think it is bad. This means accepting the ever present stream of consciousness in the now where no life situation exists. Life situations exists in the past and the future, in horizontal “time”.
  9. Stay in Vertical time, present time with consciousness. When you notice you are in horizontal time, gently make the switch back to vertical “time”.
  10. Don’t criticize yourself if you fall short in some moments, that is just ego creeping in once again. The ego is great teacher and guide.

So o really live in your own creative flow and live a life of purpose, the key  is to allow consciousness to come through you and create. Presence is all you require to fulfill your purpose here.

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