What is an Adaptogen and How Can Our Bodies Benefit from them?

An Adaptogen assists the body in metabolic regulation therefore it is a way for the body to handle stress factors. A stress factor might be external (environmental), internal (physiological) or maybe anxiety.  A from of illness would be a huge stress factor.

Fortunately there are many super foods & herbs out there that promote adaptogenic qualities. Consuming a high quality Adaptogenic herb on  a regular basis is a good idea especially living in our environment today. It gives us vitality, strong brain function and emotional health.  We become more resistant to stress and our adrenals can function properly. Most peoples adrenals burn out do to stress.

We are swimming in a sea of electro magnetic fields given off by cell phone towers , computers, smart phones, and all electric devices.  We can protect ourselves from radiation exposure through the use of adaptogenic herbs as well. Other factors may be internal disease or emotional issues.

Here are a list of some Adaptogens:



Reishi Mushroom



Holy Basil

Schizandra Berry

Lycium fruit or Goji Berries

These are just to name a few. So we know now that Adaptogen’s bring protection to the body and create harmony in our cells to handle stressors whether they are emotional, physical, mental or environmental.

Other wonderful ways to combat the stressors on the body is taking up some form of martial art like Tai Chi or Chi Gong, these practices will enhance the bodies resistance to stress.