What are Your Healthy Daily Rituals?

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And I will love to know what your Healthy, Life giving Daily Rituals are. Please do comment below and add to the conversation. For now I will share what things I do on a daily basis at my best to ensure I get in healthy daily rituals.

First let’s talk about what happens if we don’t keep up with Daily Rituals that are Life Giving? Most often we will feel unhappy with our days, life will feel mundane and it may not have the quality and consistency you are longing for. The more quality rituals you put in, the more life can bring forth a magical experience.

Here are some of my Daily Rituals that assist me with my life overall. It makes me feel on purpose and creates more space for me to feel free, more of my true nature. My soul feels nourished and my cells feel like they are being washed too.

1. Meditate- For me this gives me a deeper connection to my Soul and The Creator. First thing in the morning I like to make this a priority. It gives me power through out the day and it makes my life run smooth and consistent. Cortisol levels are harmonized and my thinking comes from the heart when I meditate. I have more intuitive knowing and am guided by something greater.

2. Next, I like to spend some time with hygiene and body care each day. This comes in the form of skin brushing, nail scrubbing, exfoliation, oil pulling, flossing with essential oils, scalp massaging and hot/cold showers.

Most of our world is living in low-giene…quite the opposite of hygiene. Take great care of the physical body to keep the healthy microbes surrounding your field.

3. Moving my body. Whether is strength training, body toning or yoga my body gets movement and love in this way. Like my friend Robert Cassar says…”this is a gazelle, not a cow;)”…speaking of our human bodies.

4. Stretching and Flexibilty- a super crucial ritual to make sure we stay limber. Not to be taken lightly and to be done consistently. We can use foam rollers, our hands to break up scar tissue, trigger point release as well as just sustained stretching.
As Yogi Bhajan says, A flexible spine is a flexible mind..it also extends our life.

5. Creating quality elixirs, foods and blender creations with magical ingredients and love. Magical foods in = Magical you…magical experiences. Enjoy nutrient rich creations in the whole food form. Creating for me in the kitchen is a joy and I take care in what I put into my body. I LOVE to take in atleast 1 Green SMoothie per day.

6. Magnesium soak either transdermally with oil or bath flakes. I like to light candles, listen to inspiring audios and soak in magnesium to saturate the cells and allow them to uptake the magnesium in order for my body to activate and thrive! Learn more about the value of Magnesium in another post of mine.

SO here are just a few of my daily rituals and feel free to comment or share your rituals below!

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