What are Xeno Hormones and How do they Effect the Endocrine System?

The endocrine system is made up of the following glands:

  • hypothalmus
  • pituitary
  • thyroid
  • para thyroid
  • adrenals
  • pineal gland
  • reproductive glands

In the modern world our body can be exposed to xeno estrogens or what are known as xeno hormones. These are synthetic hormones that caricature estrogen in the body.

If you do your research you will find they are in common household products, make up, cans that canned food comes in, saran wrap, most all plastics,  tampons, non-organic pads for menstruation, hair spray, perfumes, soda cans and the list goes on. You get the idea.

I would like to zero in on women’s health and how it is vital to become wise about xeno hormones, especially during your moon cycle.  Since the endocrine system rules the regulation of your mood, growth & development, tissue function, metabolism, sex function and reproductive organ health it is best to follow a natural way of living in order to keep this system running clean and efficient.

A few tips would be simply to consider using eco friendly “moon pads.” A moon pad is a handmade  organic hemp or cotton fabric used in place of commercial tampons or pads. It is a reusable cloth that your body can bleed into at your time of menstruation. With moonpads we assist mother earth as well, by lessening the waste we dump into our landfills, not to mention our wildlife species.  We can feel more harmonious at this time of the month while allowing our blood to flow naturally. This relates to letting go of the emotions that are no longer serving us. We can also recognize that women have an opportunity to cleanse there body of toxins. Unlike men, women are given a chance each month to cleanse, wow!!!

Tampons and Pads are mostly laden with chemicals and xeno estrogens which cause serious disruption to the delicate hormone balance of the body.  This can cause hair growth in women especially around the mouth and chin. It can also cause breast cysts as well as ovarian cysts.  A cyst is the bodies way of collecting accumulated toxins into one specific area in a way to try and protect the body.

So if there is one thing you can do for your overall health it would be to switch to a more natural way of collecting your blood during the moon cycle. This is simply going back to the ways things used to be done centuries ago.  You can see that our modern world has created some opportunities for us to study how to live a natural life.  Here is a link to a great source for moon pads on one of my favorite websites, Etsy.  Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShiznitThreads?section_id=5942918

Other places where you will find xeno hormones:

  • Plastic Wrap especially toxic when heated.
  • Commercially Raised Meat Products- not only are the animals fed estrogenic drugs to fatten up but the food they eat is also laden with chemicals.
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Commercial Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Sun Screen
  • Herbicides -used for commercial gardens

Note:  I would also like to mention that a women’s moon cycle is to be about 3 days in length and easy and effortless. This means no pain or cramping. The blood flow should be minimal and not excessively heavy. In Chinese medicine we know that when we have an excess of blood flow we have an insufficient amount of Chi or Life Force.  The more stagnant or congested the Liver Chi is the more inconsistency the woman’s cycle is.  If the spleen is week you will notice insufficient amounts of blood leaving the body meaning not enough chi. A symptom of chi loss in general is signs of fatigue.

We must build our blood and learn how to increase our chi. This way our bodies and especially in this case our endocrine system have the beautiful opportunity to run clean, efficient, free and harmonious with the natural cycle of life!

Many Blessings to you and yours!

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