Today we Dive Deep into the Cleanse


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We started with cleaning up our soul and heart by utilizing the prayers
in the last post. We will continue to incorporate those prayers daily.

You can use whatever forgiveness techniques work best for you. I find
Ho’oponopono is super soul cleansing.

I am sorry.
Please Forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Say it to others, say it to yourself often through out the day.

Now we have a solid foundation with which to start doing the things that are good for our bodies. If we are still harming our bodies, minds etc EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique might be a good way to snap out of it.
Here is a simple an easy way to perform EFT. When you realize you are doing something that is not for your highest good simply say: “I still deeply love and accept myself even though I _eat this addictive food or keep procrastinating or chug whiskey at night. Whatever it is let yourself know the love and acceptance is still there.
Do something to move the energy out of the body. Clap, Jump, Spaz out:) Dance…rebound..get the energy moving so you release this imprint and say it with honesty. Or fake it until you make it.

So off to the Physical cleanse aspect. We will start with a 6 Day Colon Cleanse using Oxy Powder. We are using this because it will clean out the entire colon not just a portion of it. It will cleanse the bowels and get rid of impacted fecal matter. You will follow the instructions with the product. I suggest the large bottle so you can have extra to maintenance dose every week.

We are literally bombarded with toxins daily from in our home, water, air, you name it! The key to radiant health is cleansing our soul of a lineage of past hurts and wounds.

Then what happens naturally is our body will let go of the unnatural parts of us, whether its being to thin, having excess weight, suffering from a disease etc.

You have a choice to choose between the food choices outlined on the site for the colon cleanse. Or you can follow a blended food protocol which I like to do for the most part.

This physical cleanse is simply a tool to help clear out the garbage once you realize the key is the spiritual power; you are tapped into that unseen presence with reverence and respect. You get super charged from the Source and there is nothing like it.

The next phase is the liver flush so you may want to pick up a bottle of livatrex when you purchase the oxy powder.

Other tools you will require are:
Cultured Foods (Homemade Cultured Veggies is best)
Lots of Fresh Organic Produce
Raw Organic Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic Aloe liquid or the whole fillet works too
OG Lemons
Clean Water

So I hope you will get to it…realize the truth of your power and purchase these tools to help your body feel amazing and have the energy, strength and vitality you deserve!

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