There Are Really No Short Cuts to Health.


Okay so although the title of my post may be a bit blatant I am getting a point across. And that point is this: no matter what whizbang pill, supplement or device you think may heal you and maybe for a while it will give you a false sense of well being and make your pocket book much lighter but in the beginning and end its about a lifestyle, its about aligning with your true nature. And how does one know that they are living in authentic alignment with their true nature?

Thru feeling, each person can feel, this is one of our greatest gifts as humans. When you do some yoga, how does it make you feel? Okay maybe during yoga you get uncomfortable or out of breath but in the end how do you feel overall? Mind, Body, Soul…how’s the connection there? This is what I mean by feeling your way through life. DO the things that are in alignment with who you really are and experience true health. Our physical body is one piece of our whole body, our quantum and energetic field is a key player in optimal well being.

For many of us there are times in our lives where we basically lie to our own selves or cheat ourselves of authentic expression and lifestyle by duping ourselves to thinking something is healthy or for our highest good. This usually happens in the form of our addictions and emotional challenges in life, we often like to numb ourselves and see what we can get away with. Hey we are human! But looking for a quick fix actually numbs us more to the truth we know deep inside and its awaiting our discovery. It’s all about the journey.

But for each being on this planet there will come a time when all the B.S. will fall to the way side and there will be a time when we feel the desire to come into true alignment and express ourselves in whole health. This comes from a lifestyle that suits your highest expression. It will look different for each being as consciousness expresses itself thru each form. However we are all one form really and not separate from the whole.

Our purpose is to reclaim wholeness and live our authentic expression so that the short cuts no longer interest us. In fact the funniest and best part is most of all the healthful things for us are pretty much free! Yes that is right free. Go on youtube and find yourself a free yoga video or how about meditating that is absolutely free.  Look out side your door and find some wild food to eat, most people refer to them as weeds! Find some good clean water flowing from the earth.

Let us not make things so complicated and get back to basics. Let’s learn to utilize the gifts we are given as a human, emotions and feelings are great guide posts, use them wisely.

So remember whom you really are, health flows through being whole and complete in thought, word and deed.  It must all line up for us to express true health as a being. Practice every day and stay connected to your source, face the sun of who you really are. It is there where health abounds.


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