The White Heron and Super Natural Experiences


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***I attribute these experiences in my life to having intention about what life is and what it’s really about. I also attribute this to going within often, meditating and surrendering my limitations to the ONE.

Recently on my travels back down to Socal I felt super inspired to head to the Malibu Coast where my family is and visit the trails there. Specifically Pt. Dume, a beautiful area where my sister works and her kids go to school. I love the seascapes, landscapes and more than anything the inspirational abundance I feel while there. My creativity soars and I feel at home. One of the keys for me of being in this area and certain other wetland areas of socal is how it enlivens our super senses. It allows us to get in touch with our higher senses and invoke certain magical experiences. I certainly feel my overall sense perception heightens here. The medicinal plants that flourish over the land, the wild flowers that abound in abundance at this time of year….it truly is grounding and inspiring.

However what really allowed me to see my alignment with the natural, cosmic principles of life was when I arrived at the trail head I was greeted by the White Heron. I literally got out the side door and there he/she was. The heron is a special spirit animal of higher consciousness and quite possibly a messenger of Source. The heron represents human Companionship in the natural world.

The Great Messenger on the Hero's Journey.
The Great Messenger on the Hero’s Journey.

If you know the Author, Joseph Campbell you are probably familiar with his book, The Hero’s Journey. Well the Heron is quite possibly the graceful guide thru transitions points of one’s life. Whether it be a phase in life, people in your life or some aspect of it.

The heron is at home in three elements: air, earth and water. Quite interesting that I also connected the Heron on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Setting intentions as I am the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram:) An earthly gentle creature.

The heron can bring confidence and gives guidance on how to move gracefully in those in b/t moments of life.

It prefers hunting at twilight, which is a symbolic and magical time of ‘in-between’ .The heron will have one foot on land, and one foot in the water – this action has been recognized by ancient cultures as a sign of the threshold – of crossing into the a space that is neither here, nor there. (sited from what’s -your- Wow…to me this speaks volume of Joseph Campbell’s writing and the Thresholds we go thru.

I was so mystified by the encounter with the White Heron and yet it felt totally natural to connect with him at Pt. Dume. I snapped this shot of him and continued on a barefoot walk near the dunes, over the trails as a movie shoot was happening:) It was grounding and really a special moment.

Life is about these special moments, seeing the unseen, knowing the unknown. Life is way more than meets the human eye.

Let’s open up to the possiblities, the natural word, the innocent perception that is our birth right. IT is who we are.

My Second Encounter with the Heron on my Journey this week.
My Second Encounter with the Heron on my Journey this week.

After this first encounter with the Heron I ended up in Orange County a couple hours south of Malibu and went to another favorite area of mind. It’s called the Backbay and guess who I connected with there? The White Heron. I knew he hangs out there b/c when I used to live in this area I would visit him early in the mornings as he had is sacred morning bathing ritual in this beautiful swamp land. One foot on the earth and one in the water, representing that special place in b/t life.. The now.

Life is showing us what we want to experience. Expand your self to the high magic.

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