The Truth with a Capital “T”


It is a wonder how you came across these words.  This is you writing to yourself. Welcome aboard the Sacred Backyard.

What is the Truth with a Capital “T” and how am I so sure? Well I can tell you that I myself have experienced profound shifts on all levels of my life applying what I will share with you here.  I could go into my story but really this is about you, not me.

You came here to Reclaim and feel the Power of who you Really Are.  So with that comes a lot of gold and gifts to reclaim in the form of deep feelings of well being.  What better time than the holidays (holy days) to reclaim these gifts. You came here to play a game and the game in a sense has just begun! It is about to get more fun and enjoyable as long as you remember your true identity, surrender and come along for the journey, as your Higher Self takes the reins.

In this phase of the game you can now walk right into fear, uncomfortable feelings, sadness, guilt, grief…you name it.  Face the lion and reclaim your power from the situation in front of you.   No more trying to figure it out with zillions of new-age spiritual texts or any new whiz bang theories of how to get your dream life.  What you are here to do in this part of the game is awaken from your slumber of knowing your Truth. This doesn’t mean your ego blows up, in fact it does the exact opposite. It’s humbled in the deepest sense of the word.

So instead of going around chasing things you can sit back and watch the movie unfold,  here is the answer and it’s real simple:

You have two options:

You either take inspired action in your life or apply the process and do nothing until inspired.

So what does this mean and what is the process?

For example you are in an uncomfortable conversation and you are not feeling inspired however you feel upset.   This is a great clue that you are hiding from your True Identity with a Capital “T.”  Here you would apply the process in order to release the discomfort and reveal the truth in the illusory conversation.


1st: Remember Who You Really Are:  Say something like: I am the Divine Presence of God..if that doesn’t resonate for you or you’ve used this terminology  in the past before learning these techniques pick something else along the same frequency. Realize who you really are.  You are the soul within the body. You are higher consciousness leading the way. And your physical self can just enjoy the ride.

2nd: Reclaim Your Power from the situation.  Whatever is making you feel skiddish, uneasy, not well, uninspired, depressed, broke..whatever it is…this is NOT your True Identity and is now going to be revealed as you reclaim your power.  All it is, is a game. Your True Identity is having a blast and has been having a blast up until now and always will.  We came here to play this game and ultimately our destiny is perfectly designed for us.  You chose to hide from yourself in ways of false concepts and delusions so that you could reclaim all of it here, now.

3rd. Appreciate yourself, your True self as the Creator of the Illusion.  Do this now! Appreciate often. Hold NO JUDGEMENT for the task at hand. For example if you really don’t like some aspect of yourself and you hem and haw about it, it locks it into the hologram and holds the vibration longer. Let the judgement go and watch the Truth be revealed.

The process could take you minutes or longer to feel better. You may need to excuse yourself for a moment to do the process or it just becomes second nature and you do it there in the moment. The best time to do the process is when you have deep emotion about something. There is much to reclaim in that moment.

Note: Appreciation is much different than Gratitude. Gratitude is something outside of ourselves, Appreciation is our power and it appreciates. Appreciation Appreciates.  You will see the more you do this one step the more you will reflect appreciation to yourself for yourself. It’s a WONDER. TRULY.

4th: Appreciate the illusion itself. Up until now you’ve been playing the phase 1 game. You won’t go back to that level once you move into level 2. It’s not possible, so don’t worry. Also, every single player you create in Phase 2 is supporting you perfectly in this level of the game, every player! The more you appreciate the past, see the current situations with appreciation, realize you are in a game, that it is working out for the highest good you will shift your reality to that of which you Truly Are. The level 1 game and situations were perfect for you in that moment of time. It’s time to really feel and see that.

It may take years to deconstruct the illusion that has been separating you from who you really are or it may take a few months. It depends on where you are in your own game and how quickly you want to move forward. Most likely you don’t want to win the whole game right away so you will continue to peel the onion back as you get deeper into phase 2.  It will become more and more Magical and Fun.

For example, no one goes to a basketball game and is ready for the end score to be revealed right when they get there (unless you are a bookie;)). No, you would much rather watch the game, go through all of the emotions as each team scores and plays, enjoying the entire experience.

Key Note: Emotions are neither positive or negative.  They are simply apart of the game you wanted to play. They are not something to become detached from neither are they to be transmuted, healed, ignored etc.  The Truth is it’s the stories we add to the feelings that lead us down the rabbit hole of so called bad or good feelings. We can instead let the real, raw experiences be and keep moving forward.

This illusion you have created applies to all areas of your life: Relationships, Food, Money, Love, Sex, Material Things, Success…you name it.  The thing is as you reveal to yourself your True Identity you will show yourself what you really want deep down and it has nothing to do with the house, the cars, the so called; “special foods,” the vacations, the relations.

Its the feelings you want deep down and once you start feeling them and having deep faith, confidence and knowing the Truth you start really loving this game.  The world starts reflecting back to you your perfect expression and it becomes more about; “Wouldn’t it be fun if…I had this or could do that.” However, it’s not holding you hostage and tweeking you out that you don’t have all of those things. It’s just that it might be fun to play in that way.

You came here to play a game and it’s a grand illusion.  Enjoy the ride and see you in the game! Ciao for now!

NOTE: This now means you have the confidence and clarity, no longer do you require the outside influences of things that claim they will heal you, help you etc.  If it seems fun for you than by all means do it or if it sounds good to get a guiding hand on your journey there are plenty out there! Otherwise your true power is within you and its all about revealing You to yourself. Have fun, live your life with wonder. You are safe here, you are the Infinite.

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