The Tao of The Traveller


A powerful message to each being on the planet, click the link and play the video here: Soul Consciousness  –  You do not need bend time, to find me, as I am here now says the Infinite One. Travel light Soul and Remember your infinite companion is Absolute Truth.

The satisfactions of the body distract the mind. You merely wear a body, you are the soul. The soul is naturally sweet and loving.

Profit and excess hide the path and the traveler goes in fear of thieves and robbers.

The Traveller, the diamond spark, the soul stands alone. Therefore, the wise traveller becomes the sage, only holding on to that which is permanent, truth is permanent.

You will travel, this is not a choice, the choice is how one travels. Consciousness is everything. Without it the journey will be more difficult and much longer. Remember who you are, travel light.

The wise traveller walks alone. There is only room for two, the other is Absolute Truth….the companion faithful thru time. So the traveller never fears solitude.

We stand alone in this life and the wise traveler keeps the Lord of Truth in her/his heart, the guarantee that solitude is never empty.

And the Lord of light gives you the seven keys and the first is the jewel between the eyes.

With it the journey begins. The sage is guided by what she feels, not by what she sees.

Come and know me with your mind says the Infinite.

The sage travels to a dimension outside of time, golden, red light where union occurs. The purification happens and the traveler becomes the sage.

Father and Child have union….this is yoga.

– Brahma Kumari Teachings

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