The Start of our Soul & Cellular Cleanse

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-1It’s that time of year again where we have the inner urge to cleanse our bodies, homes, hearts and minds. Some need a gentle push to do this, others intuitively have the urge. For me when I cleanse my body I feel a lightness and an inner peace. Once the initial detoxification occurs we are enjoying the bounty that the cleanse brings our hearts, minds and bodies.

I want to invite you to cleanse along side me over the next few weeks. First we will begin with cleaning out the colon while integrating forgiveness prayers, mantras and emotional freedom techniques.

I highly suggest downloading Howard Wills Prayers and read the full list upon rising and upon retiring for the night. You can get these on his website This will cleanse the soul and awaken us to our divine nature. As we forgive through our lineage line we are free in a sense to live a happy, healthy life.

These ancestral prayers run deep into our psyche. We actually carry the weight of our ancestral past and so if we want to cleanse and purify ourselves we must do it for ourselves, our ancestors and the world.

Saying these prayers will allow the mind to hold positive vibrations for 20 minutes consecutively giving us an opportunity to open up to the enlightened mind.

I have faith in us and as we do this together we make a huge impact in creating perfection, health and peace here, now.

This is an intro into our cleanse. After downloading and going over the prayers you will be ready to embark on setting up for the physical aspect of the cleanse. These prayers set the foundation to have the inner strength, the deeper peace and the true knowing where health comes from.

Lots of Love, Dodhisattva

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