The Spiritual Laws of Wealth & Abundance

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As we look at the ways to create lasting abundance and wealth we realize that following our life purpose is our vital key to success. When we are living our life purpose it is all the easier to create lasting channels of wealth and prosperity.  Our lives become a divine synchronicity of the holy flow.

by Eleanor Roosevelt

Creating an abundant flow of money through your life’s work is a beautiful thing. Exchanging for your valuable service to the world is important in order to keep the circular flow of energy moving. If you are just starting out with a project or new services you might barter or create a donation based system. Donation based systems are a great solution for many reasons such as taxes and opening up the channels for more people to experience your gifts. Creating a monetary exchange is valuable at this time so asking yourself questions such as,  “How much are my services worth?” and “What value do I bring to others?”

As the world continues to change it is good to have services that you can provide for exchange and barter. If things in our economy change to more of a barter type system you will be well equipped for those types of shifts. It is good to have connections with the right people in your fields of service too. It is who you know most of the time that brings in more success. For me I continue to learn and study my field so I can expand my knowledge and obtain high quality information to spread into the world at my best.  As we gain more experiences, knowledge and practice we create more and more worth.

What is your worth? What do you have to offer and contribute to the world for the highest good of all? Creating win win situations on all levels with all beings is apart of the spiritual laws of money. When we ask ourselves this  question while going about our work we invite the opportunity to create more wealth by abiding with this law.

One thing that may hold some people back from following their higher path is feeling like it’s already been done or too many people do that particular thing. In the past I have limited myself with this type of perspective. As you overcome this way of thinking and release whatever karma you have towards lack and limitation you will realize your authenticity is what the world requires. There could be a million people doing the same thing but it is their message and presence that people are after. Instead of a competing attitude one can hold a contending attitude, one that holds a much higher vibration.

What is your perception of your fellow friends doing similar works? Cooperation is a beautiful thing to incorporate in your work as you follow the spiritual laws of wealth.  As we hold our fellow workers in the light and bless their success ten fold we bring back to ourselves our wealth. We each have a free will choice, when we allow others to experience that free will choice we free up our own energy to creative, prosper and achieve the best life ever.

We can form allies with those in our related field, supporting one another and possibly merging visions to create something powerful. Coming from an abundant perspective, their is unlimited amounts of people that require your services so let it in fully.

As we surrender to the flow and current of our life we watch it become an art piece. We know when to take action and when to let go of the things that are no longer serving us. Right action is an incredible tool to utilize. When you get an idea to call someone or go somewhere take action now! When we allow the mind to over think things we often talk ourselves out of the very things that will create our monumental successes in life.

Living with integrity, commitment, trust, loyalty and joy within ourselves will keep our lives attuned to the Creator and thus allow for a smoother ride in this thing called life.

More important than anything is finding your life’s work. This above all is where the magic starts. You will know that you are doing what you are here to do when you love what you do, you would do it for free and in some way you are contributing to the world.

What did you do as a child that made you laugh, dance and sing?  I can see myself at 6, 7 & 8 years of age. I was dancing wildly in the kitchen for my parents eating chocolate in my silk night gown letting my body move and fully being in the flow!

Surrender to the Flow of Your Greatest Life.

And now as I find myself at the golden age of 33 I am creating nutrient rich chocolate for others and giving myself permission to authentically move my body at classes like Ecstatic Dance. These are clues we are on our highest path!  May this post inspire you to dance like nobody is watching. I love you.

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