The Importance of Our Cellular Environment

The importance of our cellular environment is crucial to our well being and health.  How are we choosing to live this life?  I trust most of you reading this realize the importance of fresh, clean air, less artificial light and more sunlight, an abundance of air flow in your environment as opposed to a home closed up from fresh air, pumping heat or air conditioning.

I also encourage us to take a look at what our walls are painted with, is this eco-friendly or perhaps outdated toxic lead paint that is a potential health hazard to you and your family? What kind of flooring is in your home? Is it carpet? Often carpet is laiden with parasites and is an unsanitary approach to flooring.royalty-free-environment-clipart-illustration-67356

Have you checked for mold growing? This is a serious health concern as many do not have the intuition or sensory perception to tell. If not you can have a professional come to the house and check the walls, carpets and closets.  When mold gets into your lungs it is a serious health challenge and can take a long time to clear. This is something that before you move into a place is of paramount importance to look into.

Let’s take a look at smart meters. These are often on the building where most people in the world dwell. Apartment complexes are even worse b/c there are many for each unit. Yikes! My recommendation here is to move! Get to a place where you can ground daily by walking out your front door, create it first in your psyche and then watch it manifest in your reality. If for the time being you require jedi tools to get you through until you move to a more healthy environment you can acquire Q tape, pyramids and soil to place in and around the home to change the field in the space. Contact me for a consultation to learn more. This is my preferred method of grounding in a city environment.  You could also purchase grounding mats, sheets and so forth however I choose to change the whole field of the home thus creating a powerful resonance everywhere in the house not just in bed or sitting at your computer with grounding technology.

The body when it is given a natural field surrounding its cells will perform and heal optimally. Remember this as you consider your cellular environment.

Cell Environment
Cell Environment

This is just one aspect of your cellular environment.  We can also get into the people we surround ourselves with and our work enviroment. Is it productive, healthy and fulfilling?  If not its time to think about some changes if we want to experience the best life possible.

Although this next thought is more connected to Cellular Communication I feel it relevant to our environment. Before you speak…THINK

T….is it True?

H…is it Helpful?

I…is it Inspiring?

N…is it Necessary?

K…is it Kind?

This acronym is a tool for us to utilize while creating our Cellular Environment in a powerful way.

What are we putting into our bodies?  Although this is based around Cell Nutrition it still plays a role in our Environment, What we eat in private shows in our presence to others and also how we think about what we eat.   Do we know if what is in our kitchens are toxic or healthy for us and our families?  Let go of the processed foods and turn to a more natural approach to eating. Learn how to forage for foods, grow food or buy from local farmers.  If you cook food make sure it is done with awareness keeping the nutrients intact. How about buying pans and pots that are free of toxic chemicals.  This is a serious health hazard to take a look at.  It might cost you more for a nice ceramic pot but it will save your health and freedom in the long run. Same goes for dishes, silverware etc.  Go for the best and accept it now. Change the kitchen environment so that it is one of cleanliness and health. Create a mineral rich body in order to maintain cellular integrity.

Are your cleaning supplies free of toxins? Making your own non toxic cleaning supplies is better for your wallet and your environment. I share this kind of information in my home cleansing consultations. What about our body care? Are these products free of toxins? I make my own tooth powders and oils to ensure a healthful environment for my mouth…I recommend it.

These are some things to ponder as we create our Cellular Environment and begin to take full responsibility for who and what is surrounding us. Become educated in this area of your life so that you can experience more of your true nature. There is something deeper behind what you are experiencing now. Choose to tap into this and expand your state of reality and consciousness so that you consistently experience heaven on earth.

Cellular LOVE
Cellular LOVE

Each one of us is a powerful crystal here to share our own individual light to become apart of the multi-versal light. Allow your radiance to shine by recognizing your greatness and then changing your environment to one that potentiates your accelerated growth here on earth. Guided meditations where you get into deep theta states can assist you here. For a few months I was meditating on Heaven on Earth and ended up manifesting a place to live called Heaven & Earth….these are true signs of the laws in action.

Other factors to take a look at would be the quality of water you drink, clean and bathe in. Is it city tap water? You are playing with fire if so. I suggest finding a spring and harvesting your water. Find a house on spring/well water.

What is your sleep environment like? Are you grounded at night? Is the room you are sleeping in pitch black? If not your sleep is probably not as deep and fulfilling as it could be.

Thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard and if you would like a private consultation on how to cleanse your living space I do offer them via google hang, skype or in person depending on location.

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