The Foundation and Root Statement of Consciousness


This is the first teaching of Guru Nanak and is the first mantra in the Guru Granth Sahib.  When we tune into the Golden Chain of the lineage we call forth the highest energy of the cosmos by chanting the Mul Mantra. This is the chit, the the chi and the nucleus of the beginning thought. When we chant this mantra we polish and balance all our 10 spiritual bodies. This is the formless grace that surrounds us. This opens the gates of wisdom and is the infinite ultimate reality.

This is the English Translation:

One Spirit Beyond

Moves within the Creation—





And this Spirit

Within me

Is my True Identity.

It Does All

And Causes All

To be Done.

It Protects me

Through all incidents

Of Time and Space.

It fears nothing

And knows nothing

Of vengeance

Or anger.


It comes into Form.

In Itself, It has

Never been born.

Flowing through the cycles

Of Birth and Death,

It moves

By Its Own

Purity and Projection.

This understanding

Shall come to you

As a sweet blessing,

As a gift.

In every moment


In Its Continual


From the start

This Truth was True.

All through Time and Space

Is True.

Even now,

This Truth is True.

Nanak says,

Ever shall be True.


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