The Benefits of Skin Brushing


The benefits of skin brushing are wonderful. Of course to feel and see results a steady and consistent protocol is vital.

What is the largest organ of our body?

Yes, the skin. So if we are consistent in skin brushing to assist the lymph to get rid unwanted materials in the body we will then see great health benefits. It is said that 1 lb of waste per day is eliminated by the skin.

The skin really gives us warning signs of what is going on in the body. If there is a rash, bump, boil, pimple etc…we can be sure that our organs are out of balance and we will choose to harmonize our bodies systems.

Dead skin cells and outdoor pollution as well as waste from inside the body can sometimes have a challenge getting out through clogged pores. The skin brush will help to move things along & allow the skin to breathe. This is vital!

I suggest by starting at your feet and brush up towards your heart.  Right after you have done some thorough skin-brushing take a hot/cold shower to really get the lymph moving. It is so invigorating and beneficial to your body. The reason for this is it helps to regulate our nervous system & maintain optimum adrenal function.

If you are looking to get rid of cellulite or fat you can be sure that adding 5-15 minutes of vigorous skin brushing per day over 30 days time you will see results. Think of it as a massage for your connective tissue. What is happening is stored matter is then released. This also causes stored emotions to come to the surface for release. What a true blessing!

If you do decide to start skin brushing today pick a skin brush made from all natural fibers & another great addition to skin brushing is to take a drop of therapeutic essential oil and rub onto the brush.

Happy Skin Brushing Everyone!!

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