The Backbone Trail & Your Spinal Health

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I was elated at the opportunity to drive through the Santa Monica Mountains this morning with a crisp, clear, blue sky to greet me. I stopped off at Erewhon in Calabasas before hand to pick up a bullet proof coffee and some breakfast. I chose to do an old favorite hike of mine, called The Back Bone Trail. It’s a simple hike off of Kanaan Road on the way to Malibu. It was a synchronistic connection today as I recently received an atlas profilax adjustment which allows for the whole spine (our backbone) to function at its very best. The Backbone Trail, a trail of dirt, sand and rocks so sturdy in its foundation yet malleable and bending with its environment provides nutrients to the unique, socal foliage around. And this is what our spines do when they are in optimal condition: provide us with a foundation of health and spread nutrients to the rest of our bodies.

Atlas Profilax is not like having a chiropractor adjust the atlas, it’s actually far from it. Most times a chiropractor adjusts the atlas and it just goes back out again so that the client comes back every few months. Atlas profilax is quite different in its approach and its not about you coming back every week or few months but a one time adjustment to reset your atlas in its proper place. The origin of the works is over in Europe and they use a tool I have never seen in typical chiropractic offices. It definitely was not without a bit of pain as they utilize a tool to get the neck muscles to fatigue enough so that the atlas can be reset. A bit of pain is a small price to pay for the long lasting results. I felt very safe with the practitioner who adjusted me as it was a referral from a trusted friend. The practitioner had lots of energy, strength and vitality. At first he made sure the atlas was in fact out with certain ways to look at the way I stood before the adjustment as well as seeing how much mobility I had in my neck. Before the adjustment it was definitely less. I also noticed that it took muscular strength to stand as he asked me to at first, and after the adjustment it was just natural to stand tall and long (helpful for anyone looking to elongate there posture and become confidently balanced in there physique. First he did a simple back adjustment as I laid on a bench and that felt so opening and amazing as my thoracic area opened up considerably.

Our spine is our backbone, it’s our foundation to stand tall and confident, feel balanced and when properly adjusted allows the life force or Jing to flow and run freely through all portals within our system. During this hike I meditated on this idea and really was present to how crucial the spine is in its role in our sense of well being and our overall health. Not to mention the importance of hiking on the earth as our backbone and way to ground and absorb the earth’s elements. This too is our backbone to more peace, insights and mental well being. I got so many downloads on my trail hike, I just felt the super natural connection that day with the life force in and around me. The weather was ambient and it was just me and the creatures on the trail. IMG_3677

The studies show that about 90% of the populations atlas is out and most people have some mild scoliosis. When we come out of the birth canal often our atlas gets messed up from the action of being birthed. Or an injury could occur to cause the atlas to go out some time later in life. Whatever it is it can shift everything form sleep patterns, digestion and how the organs sit in the body, often affecting elimination and oxygen to the extremities. When the atlas is properly set it allows the whole body to remain in a balanced state. This affects your whole being on a deep core level and even down to your wei chi (the energy body system around your body) and your chakra system (these centers should be spinning to create longevity and health as in many they have slowed down considerably). It can allow that free flow of Jing in your veins or not. It can allow the flexibility of your neck to be restored instantaneously. That is what happened for me. This adjustment when done accurately can and is life changing with shifts happening for weeks possibly months till things are well back in balance. You may notice scoliosis is corrected over a few months as the body adjusts itself. After the adjustment my body wanted to run, it felt so alive and my emotional body felt clear and strong after allowing tears to release after the adjustment not b/c of the pain but the release of stuck energy. I saw this as an old injury being released after many years of holding on.

And so as I walked on the trail I gave lots of thanks and got many insights from the land around me on how profound it all really is. Our spine is literally the main operator for every part of the body and so when the atlas is on straight it creates major shifts in any imbalances that were there due to it. Our backbone is so crucial for longevity and well being. May you experience radiant health and be able to hike and enjoy the wonder of this life if you so desire!

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