The Awakened Heart Reality

The purpose of this article is to inspire creating a reality that is from your awakened heart. The awakened heart reality is one that brings your dreams to life & brings win-win situations to the world at large.

The Awakened Heart

While others might be speaking about their trials and tribulations you can be busy creating a reality of your highest vision free of those things that are not serving you.  Create a mind map or write down how you see yourself and your life in a few years from now. Recognize the feelings, the people, the environment that surrounds you there. Bringing this into  your space now activates this in your DNA and ultimately brings events and people into your life to make this awakened heart reality possible.

There is a lot of change taking place on Earth at this time. As higher energies orchestrate in the infinite realms and we become more tuned into the earth grid much is revealed to us. With reverence and an attitude of gratitude we can work together to create great change.

The Living Library includes the earth, stars, sun, moon, rain, ocean, sand, flowers,dew drops, trees,  plants, herbs & all those things that live and breathe around us which hold and store information. The answers we seek are stored in these living things until we ask permission for access to knowledge held within them.  When we become aware of that which surrounds us and decode our very own DNA we will activate our own mission and purpose here on earth. Then we will see massive shifts and changes take place for the higher good of all.

Like a Shaman studies the animal, earth, plant & herbal kingdoms we too can look at this as an opportunity to do the same.

As our minds focus on the new, exciting & positive creations that we hold true to be our reality we leave behind the things that no longer serve us.

Expand Your Super Senses.

If those around you are caught up in Maya or the lower vibratory thoughts let it be a reminder to you. If we are able to come from our heart we can give those around us a gentle nudge to take responsibility for these lower energies. If we find ourselves in this state we can follow our highest excitement in the moment in order to feel good now and shift our reality. Feeling good now will lead us on the path to our awakened heart where we feel courage, commitment, integrity, purpose, kindness, generosity and ultimately create our best life ever.

Our prosperity lies in knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen. As we gain access to this technology and information our lives are governed by a holy flow of energy.

We have access to the keys, codes & awakened heart space; it is up to us to remember our future.


  • Be Authentic In All Your Relations.
  • Respect Plants, Animals, Herbs & All Living things.
  • Treat those around you like family all ways.
  • Give those in front of you your full awareness.
  • Have confidence in your insights and act upon them.
  • Hold an attitude of gratitude.

….And watch your Best Life Ever Arrive Now. 🙂

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