The Art & Alchemy of Coffee

It is so amazing how our lives interweave and intertwine events to create the most incredible life experience we could ever imagine!  As we expect the unexpected miracles we will continually see them in our lives.

About 10 years ago I embarked on a really awesome journey to learn as much as I could about coffee, from the harvesting, suckering and caring for the trees themselves to the end product of creating that beautiful hand crafted cup for the connoisseur.

Direct Trade

My passion began while attending college at Clarion University in Pennsylvania.  There were only a handful of jobs to be had in that little mountain town in North Western Pennsylvania & only 1 or 2 of them seemed like any fun. There was one barista position available at the quaint coffee house called Kiva Han on the main street in town. I drove an hour and a half for that interview and got the job because of my passion for the position.  Out of all the coffee houses I have visited in the U.S. this one had the most authenticity and character. With creaky hard wood floors, a fireplace, a huge oak bar, couches, chairs and windows that were perfect for watching the snow fall in the winter months it was truly a Mountain Town Coffee House. I told the owner my dreams of one day having my own Elixir & Tonic House where fellow travelers could come and sip on a medicinal brew, read their favorite book next to the fire, listen to the live banjo player or marvel at the artist’s creations that would line the walls.

Oh the fun I had playing at this coffee shop. My friday nights were consumed with pouring perfect espresso shots, playing DJ at the bar, gaining insights from the customer’s that would grace the space & late night guitar/banjo sessions with my co-workers after hours.

My passion grew and grew for the subtleties and the art about coffee alchemy and the crowd’s it drew. When I graduated college and moved to Baltimore I met an Espresso Entrepreneur that had learned the craft and the business side very well.  He trained me and before I knew it I was creating art through the portals of the coffee bean;)

Organic Pasture Fed Raw Cream & Single Origin Espresso from Ethiopia

After that experience it seemed like the natural next step was to actually get my hands in the soil and dirt and learn about nurturing and caring for the coffee trees.  I decided to venture to the Island of Hawaii where I would work and live on a sustainable 5 acre organic coffee & avocado farm. It is here that I learned that patience, dedication and intense daily labor is where it all begins. Early to rise and early to bed was the scenario on this rugged, insect & rooster crowing farm:) My solar cabin was screened in & made of wood and the showers were cold ones and yet so needed after a long day out on the farm.

When late afternoon hit the rain storms would nourish the soil there and that was our chance to read a book, shower, make some yummy guacamole from our farm fresh avocados or just listen to the rain pour onto the tin roof’s. What a blessing it was.

We built a Hoshidana roof on that land which is a Traditional Japanese coffee drying structure. Here is where the coffee berries would be put to dry out before roasting. We created labyrinth gardens where all kinds of vegetables were thriving. The couple I worked with were incredible people and so were their children Kaia & Spruce. These children had the daily enjoyment of climbing trees, foraging for food in their backyard and living the island life where warm ocean breezes were just a few moments away.

Ethiopian Coffee Farmer’s

Later I would open up my own Authentic Espresso bar on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It was rewarding to share my love and passion for the business with others.  Creating personal experiences is one of the best forms of gaining wisdom. I learned so much about myself and what I was truly after. Although this was not the coffee house that I dreamed of one day it was a small quaint bar that was a perfect start up business.

As my life took on new interests and desires I knew that everything had its perfect time and place. My passion for health was a great catalyst to move where the juice bars, health gurus and environmental activists abound, Southern California.

With a colorful background behind me I see a beautiful Elixir House & Tonic Bar in the future. Whether it is in my home where I can serve friends, family and community or an incredible Eco-Friendly House sitting nestled on a mountain side of the hills of Costa Rica I see it with an open heart and high vision.

Holding the Highest Vision For All ~ Dodhisattva

What a blessing it is to see how your life interweaves your experiences. What a blessing it will be to visit different parts of the world to source the highest quality herbs, superfoods, community & environment.  One of the best parts of it all is to travel, meet those who passionately live and create long lasting relations with them. With this in heart and a vision of true health we can optimize the coffee house experience by turning it into an elixir bar where the drinks, tonics & teas are created in such a way to increase health & longevity.

For instance when the Chaga Mushroom is poured over a coffee drink it takes away from the acid component making it a tonic for nourishment. We can utilize quality coffees, free of mycotoxins for cleaning the liver through enemas too.  And we can create drinks that taste just like coffee or close to it as well as cappucino’s with health promoting herbs and super herbs.
The environment that we put ourselves in is fundamental to health and longevity above all. I envision clean air, beautiful views and the best water & foods, community and serene environment ever to nourish the body, mind & soul.

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  1. Im just getting back into coffee, one shot at a time. I left it behind a couple of months ago, sometimes I like dropping things. It is a wildly evocative potion, and I wish for it to be part of my life. Difficult to get a good brew up here though. Peace and light, leex

    1. Brother, there is this place in Orange County called, Portola Coffee Lab…and it is the most high vibrational activated coffee potions around. I would love it if you came to visit so cal…it would be on the “to do list!” BLessings to you & Jane:)

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