Supporting and Cleansing the Kidneys

In Taoist Yoga the Kidneys represent the Water Element. They also store our Jing.   Jing is the essential fluid of our physical body as taught in Chinese Medicine. The main benefits of  ample Jing in our kidneys are:

  • Longevity
  • Strength
  • Healthy Reproduction
  • Inner Power
  • Healing Power

If we were to do some Taoist Yoga into the Kidneys we would breathe in the color of blue and when ready to exhale we would slightly lean forward with our hands on our knees to expel and release out the toxins in the kidneys. There are many great yoga postures to strengthen the kidneys. Breathe work & Pranayam are also highly beneficial.

Since I recently finished a liver/gallbladder flush I thought it would be important to bring up the kidneys and note that now is a great time to cleanse  and support them.  We can do this by the above mentioned free techniques.  We can also take in plenty of purified living water and other green juices with plenty of cilantro and parsley.  These assist to chelate heavy metals and dissolve kidney stones respectively.

Some other recommendations are castor oil packing the kidneys twice a week for a few weeks.

Other great products are:

  • RenaVen by Premier Research Labs- (powerful complex to restore the kidneys)
  • Dr. Schulze Kidney Tea (amazing wild and organic crafted herbs)
  • Dr. Schulze K-B tincture ( I have gotten wonderful results with this potion)
  • Truth Caulkins Jing City (The greatest when it comes to Kidney Rejuvenation)

These products will cleanse and nourish the kidneys while supporting the Jing and building that Essence to give us healthy, fit kidneys.

A couple great affirmations for the kidneys could be:

I dissolve all past problems with ease.

Divine Right Action is Always Taking Place in my Life. Only Good Comes From Each Experience.


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