Nutrient Rich Living with Medicine from the Sea.

Recently my family and I went to the beach in Malibu for surfing and fun in the sun. We came upon some huge pieces of sea weed as the waves crashed onto the shore!

Just seeing all of that sea weed reminded me of the nutrient qualities of sea weed!

I feel one of the best ways to receive nourishment is through super nutrient rich foods. One of these incredible foods would be sea vegetables!  With supplements being a way of life for many I choose to look at my foods and elixirs and ask the question, “How can I up the nutrient value of this dish and/or raise its vibration so that I can get the most nourishment while making sure it tastes good?” With this kind of question I feel I cover my bases giving all my senses (including my inner senses) satisfaction and fulfillment.  Instead of taking supplements why not just find nutrient rich foods that the body can recognize and absorb easily?

Super foods once apart of your daily lifestyle will give you more energy, clarity and nourishment than you could get from any supplement.  Some sea vegetables that will increase the nutrient value of your meals would be Alaria, Digtata (Kombu), Kelp, Dulse, Wakame & Nori.  Image

What do these super foods provide the body? A wealth of minerals and vitamins, they help to nourish the organs, normalize the hormones, keep the hair healthy and preserve its natural color. If your hair is gray  you can begin to reverse that by introducing sea vegetables to your daily diet.  Sea veggies are iron rich,  anti-inflammatory and contain bio available iodine.

This has been a concern for many with the levels of radiation increasing do to nuclear fall out. As we take responsibility for our health and supplement daily with nourishing iodine from sea vegetables we can ensure our thyroid is thriving.

The abundance of polysaccharides in sea vegetables help kill off yeast and dissolve mucus in the intestinal walls (also true for Aloe Vera Plant). They then strengthen the immune system and provide anti-viral qualities.

Enhance the flavor of savory dishes or enjoy miso soup with lots of added sea veggies.  How about trying a black bean dish with sea vegetables through out the mixture for flavor and medicinal nourishment.  I think of hearty sea vegetables as a meat because the protein and iron levels in these veggies are incredibly high.  Pair a plate of purple dulse with thick sliced heirloom tomatoes drizzled with pumpkin seed oil, fresh minced basil and mineral salt spray or Himalayan salt!

By soaking the sea veggies in water prior to consuming you will soften them up considerably. Try making blended soups with these veggies for ease of use.

You can even utilize sea veggies in your favorite desserts.  Irish Moss is a species of red algae that grows in abundance through out North America. This popular algae is utilized in raw vegan desserts as it as a wonderful texture to pies, cakes and parfaits.

Be mindful of where your sea vegetables come from and seek sea veggies from the cleanest ocean waters possible. I prefer to by bulk packages of sea veggies so that I have plenty for daily consumption!

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