Saying Yes to Life


Or let’s first talk about what happens when we say , “No” to life. We have all had moments where life feels tough or some emotion takes over us and we are unable to see clearly the here and now moment. We are either caught up in our mind’s creations of the dead past or the imagined future.   When we shut off our current moment with an internal “no” to the present moment we are no longer able to receive the GIFT of conscious awareness flowing through us and so life becomes hard.

Life doesn’t have to be hard but we can make it so by shutting down, resisting what is and holding on to the mind’s many made up stories in order to create a drama filled experience. Our lives are gifts. We did not have to earn the sunshine this morning, or earn that sweet breath of fresh air.  These are gifts for us to appreciate!

Our best self can shine through when we fully live here and now. When we accept our now moment 100% (which is all we ever have is the now moment)  we open a door way to the connection with all of life and something greater than our egoic selves can blaze a new trail through us.

Our words become more powerful, our creations become more awe-inspired, our life becomes more majestic, peaceful and whole.  As we accept the current moment and maybe even appreciate it we can create from a powerful place as we give primordial intelligence an opportunity to peak through us.

We actually make life much harder than it is by living outside the present moment and cutting ourselves off to creative consciousness. Saying Yes to Life means being present to this moment, not a past or future moment, this moment now is all there ever is.   All of our fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, grief lives in the past and future.  When you have felt great stillness inside you, maybe at your first morning breath or at night on a winter, moon lit evening as that one snowflake falls in front of you; you catch that glimpse of still presence that is you.

Saying yes to life opens the flood gates of our veins to be enlivened by the washing of primordial intelligence. It’s a glorious feeling to wash yourself in that feeling, because that is what we are.  We are then more awake, alert and at ease in life. Then just maybe  our projects become somehow swept up in held in grace and we start living in full alignment doing something that is truly meaning full here on earth — just to see what happens. It’s just a play here, it doesn’t have to be a drama…a play where you play and are held and safe as the consciousness you are imbibes your being.

Our purpose is to be present, so if this is all you do in your life, you have fulfilled your mission. Being an example is all you need to do. With more presence we bring about a New Earth. We shift consciousness and open up the portals to enlightenment.

Be alert, be awake, and be still. Cultivate the practice of the present moment. Surrender to what is, accept your here, now moment, cultivate appreciation and watch the ember, the spark, begin to light your path.

***”The Present Moment is Always Simple, but Concealed Within it Lies the Greatest Power.” ~Eckart Tolle, A New Earth

What are your feelings on this subject, do comment with your sacred comments below and share if inspired.

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