Raw Green Smoothie Benefits

Raw Green Smoothies are an essential part of a holistic raw vegan lifestyle. Once the body has been properly cleansed with green juice therapy, probiotics, superherbs and enzymes we can begin to eat nutritious smoothies! These smoothies will further the cleansing and healing of the body as well as feed you on a cellular level. One of the key benefits to the green smoothie is the natural fiber you are getting by only blending and NOT juicing in your high power blender. This allows for better bowel movements and a healthy colon. We can also recognize that the green smoothie is a valuable way to increase or rebuild our HCL levels (hydro chloric acid) naturally with out supplements. Another way to build HCL is raw apple cider vinegar before or in b/t meals, this also assists in alkalinizing the system. There is a great book called Green For Life by Viktoria Boutenko. I highly recommend it, inside are wonderful recipes for green smoothies. Below is a favorite smoothie of mine in the summer time when peaches are ripe. I got inspired to make this one day and I trust you will enjoy it too:)

Cheers To Radiant Living!

Peachy Girl Smoothie
1/2 a bunch or organic romaine lettuce
1 large organic peace without the seed
1/4 to 1/2 of a habanero pepper (depending on how much you enjoy spice)
1 big handful of organic celery
Just enough clean water to blend

Blend on High and Enjoy out in the summer sunshine barefoot on the earth after running through a sprinkler:) Enjoy life!

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