Raising One’s Vibration with Tektites

Tektite comes from the Greek word tektos meaning molten. Through my research I have found that the Strewn field of Indochina and Australia have some of the highest integrity tektite that emit high vibrational energy and hold high protective properties. The rare earth elements in tektite include europium, uranium, thorium and dysprosium. It seems that these stones can not be encoded with the artificial energy omitted from cell phone towers, computers and the like. When the natural processes of the body encounter interference it can be a challenge on the entire system. Wearing a piece of tektite or better yet placing one in each pocket will better circulate the energy field around the body working as an adaptogen to the human bio field. You can do kinesiology to see if your body resonates with tektite and depending on your particular body mass you will choose your tektite accordingly. These stones are high in silica and have the ability to reinstate living through the heart on a Universal level. This stone is an excellent one for meditation and if one is so inclined wearing it on the third eye will likely expand consciousness. Because of where we are in the evolution of this planet holding one of these stones in your field in my belief is of great significance as the world shifts. These are potent psychic travel tools. On a more practical level while taking high quality superfoods and supplements it would be a great idea to embrace this stone so that you can better utilize and absorb those superfoods/supplements. Our bodies do incredibly well without artificial energy penetrating the human bio-field because our body has the innate ability to repair, regenerate and integrate high frequencies into the field. If you have ever seen stuck energy in one’s body or felt it in your own this energetic debris creates stagnate emotions etc. Indochonite Tektite free’s up the flow and better yet meditating with this stone is a wonderful solution to freeing up the flow!

The affirmation set with this stone might be: I now potentiate the light of my aura and connect with other life forms in connected dimensions.