Organic Air Roasted Mold Free Coffee


The perfect coffee for therapeutic enema use featuring air roasted, mold free and high palmitic acid content for superior cleansing.


This organic AIR ROASTED mold free coffee is the highest caliber coffee on the market.

Most coffees are fire roasted that could have carcinogens that contribute to health problems. Our coffee is air roasted leaving behind no carcinogenic residue at all. This makes for a true therapeutic grade coffee.

It is 100% free of mold, fungus and mycotoxins.

It is Gerson Clinic Approved.  And it is whole bean coffee so you can do fresh grinding at home.

Grown in mineral rich soils in South America this coffee is in a class of its very own.

It is processed here in the U.S. and this coffee is not only 100% certified organic but it is also tested by a 3rd party for organic origins and purity (by Oregon Tilth). Without 3rd party organic verification it is often not truly Organic!

When it comes to the health of the body we don't settle for anything less than the very best. That is why this coffee has been put on the market. Cleansing the liver and body of toxins is a key piece to health.  We ensure the highest standards with the health of our customers taken seriously.

Here is a  great link to a post I wrote about coffee enemas and how to do one:  How to Do a Coffee Enema

We realize a key component to a therapeutic grade coffee is the amount of caffeine and palmitic acid present. This allows for glutathione and the group of enzymes known as glutathione s transferase to be released. This activates the most powerful antioxidant in our body.

Coffee enemas were a key part of patient therapy in the Merck Manual before 1984. It is important to note that our environment today is extremely toxic with chemicals, pesticides and other harmful substances. Although our body has its own self healing mechanism and organs system to filter toxins most people have compromised immune systems.

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