Detox Your Living Space


Without judgement I will help you go through your living space and discover what may be in the way from you achieving your health goals. We will take a look at your kitchen, bathroom and over all living space and find what may be a trigger to your health issues. Allow me to guide you and write up a program to better understand how to live a super natural life. You will receive tips, coaching, DIY recipes for non toxic hygiene care and a shopping guide to make your home environment healthy, peaceful and radiating a super natural way to live.



Are you confused as to what products, house hold cleaners and foods may be taking away from your well being and optimal health? Let me guide you through your home and show you what products to ditch!


Save money with all natural DIY products

Achieve Better Health by letting go of products not serving you.

Learn hacks to rid the environment of mold toxins.

Gain greater knowledge of preservatives and fillers zapping your health.


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