Custom Health Program



Have a physical ailment that conventional paths did not help get rid of? Or maybe an emotional trauma you would like to get to the bottom of?

Experience a customized treatment map for your unique situation. Get a Free 30 minute phone call to see if we are a match and so I can get to know your situation.

Then if we choose to move forward you will get a personalized program to your inbox as well as an hour-long session going over the program via skype.

The program includes:

Detoxification program best suited for your issues

Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Well Being strategies

Nutrition protocol including recipes

Cellular Exercise

Cellular Environment – clear your living space of products that are not serving you as well as discover things in your environment that may be causing your health challenges.

A true health program addresses both physical and mental/emotional health. We will look at all aspects to create a well-rounded program for your long-lasting health goals.

Follow up calls are 40 minutes each and $100 per call.


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