Custom Enyzme Therapy Program


  • Gain the benefits of over 15 years experience
  • Clear out toxins & plaque from your brain and body
  • Learn about your organs of systemic enzyme therapy
  • Adjuncts to cleansing like castor oil packs, coffee enemas and a balanced PH with plenty of
  • Proper nutrition to heal and nourish the cells and soul.


Learn how to powerfully clean and clear systemic infections from your body with enzyme therapy. I will create a custom enzyme therapy program for you based on your unique health challenges.  Whether you suffer from asthma, allergies, constipation, weight gain, cysts, growths or more serious health challenges I will create a MAP to guide you into a new healthy body.  Most detoxes can be invasive and leak jing. Enzyme therapy is a way to preserve your jing while cleansing out that which is no longer serving your awakening and radiance.

Discover simple yet sophisticated ways to clean the tubing of your organ systems, including your brain so that you can live an extraordinary existence.

With over 15 years of experience in the longevity and healing arts, I will be there for you to answer questions and give you a sophisticated protocol to achieve your goals - and GET RESULTS!


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