Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Breakups aren’t easy, but they don’t always mean your relationship is over for good! Many clear signs can suggest your ex is still interested if you’re wondering whether they’ll ever rekindle your romance. Read on and learn about all the signals that your ex will eventually come back, from posts on social media to the promising things they’ll say to you directly.

This article is based on an interview with our professional dating coach, Connell Barrett, founder of Dating Transformation. Check out the full interview here.


Things You Should Know

  • An ex will likely come back if they’re in a rebound relationship, if the breakup was an impulsive decision, or if the breakup was mutual.
  • Your ex might return if they unblock your number and keep an eye on you with social media. They may also try to contact you again.
  • Once you’re talking again, your ex might reminisce about the past, compliment you, ask to meet in person, or apologize for their mistakes.


They leave your number unblocked.

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If they unblock your number, they’re not ready to cut contact for good.
Generally, the best way to move on from an ex is to cut all contact, even blocking them or deleting their number.[1] Therefore, if your ex isn’t doing that, they might not want to move on. Even if they’re not ready to get back together immediately, they’re leaving the door open for future contact.
  • You can check to see if you’ve been blocked by calling or texting your ex. When someone blocks a number, neither type of communication can get through to their phone.
  • Try sending a simple, polite text first. It’ll say “Delivered” or “Read” below the message if you’re not blocked. If you are, there will just be a blank space below the text.

They’re sad weeks after the breakup.

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Your ex isn’t getting over you if they mope for a long time post-breakup.

Look for signs that they’re still sad, particularly about the breakup. Look at your ex’s social media posts, or check and see if they look sorrowful when you run into them in person. If you’re in contact with any of their friends, you could even ask them how your ex has been.[2]

  • If your ex isn’t doing well with the breakup, a friend might say they’re just “okay,” or “doing fine” rather than saying they’re doing great.
  • On social media, any gloomy posts about your ex feeling lonely could be a subtle signal that they’re not over you.

They’re active on your social media.

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Stalking your socials or posting about you means you’re on their mind. Social media makes it easy to stay connected without being too obvious. Look through your recent posts to see if they’ve liked or commented on any of them, and check any Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat stories to see if your ex viewed them. The more they engage with your social media, the more they think about you.

  • Your ex might even send you DMs on social media. A private message is a sure sign that you’re on their mind, even if it’s just a funny video they thought you might like.

They haven’t returned your things.

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They might not return your things if they’re not ready to say goodbye. It’s easier to move on when there are no reminders of an ex hanging around. Do you find that your ex avoids making arrangements to drop off your stuff or makes last-minute excuses to call off the exchange? They might be hanging onto those reminders of you (and the relationship) if they haven’t returned the things you left behind.[3]

  • Your ex might also leave up old photos and videos of you on their social media. Purging a social media account of an ex is like getting rid of old stuff, so if your ex is keeping those photos, they’re still thinking of you.



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